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Isadora Volume & Curl Mascara 10 Black

My experience and review of Isadora Volume & Curl Mascara 10 Black

I have been consistently featuring Isadora Cosmetics' products; recently I reviewed their Colorful Eyeliner in 10 Black and I am back with their Volume & Curl Mascara 10 Black. Anyway, you must know that ever since my illness and eye infections, my body has changed and my eyes have become sensitive; the worst part is that, I suffer from dry eyes now and being sensitive, I have to discard eye makeups regularly.
 Volume & Curl Mascara 10 Black
Volume & Curl Mascara 10 Black

When I had received the products from the brand, what had caught my eyes was that the products were dermatologicaly tested, allergy tested and fit for sensitive eyes.

What does the brand claim?
Mascara Volume & Curl by Isadora is a push-up mascara that stays on all day. Apply with the
outside of the bent brush, from root to tip, and then bend the lashes with the inside of the bent brush, hold for a few seconds for a curved effect. Easy to remove with warm water. 

Price:USD 19.95 or US$20 ( approx)\

When I got hold of the first tube, it seemed to have dried up. I thought it was an isolated icnident and didn't ponder much. But yes, not to be able to use something sealed and brand new made me pretty sad. ( That happens to me even though it was a gift. I use everything with much care and equal amount of love.) The second tube turned out better. On opening, I did not find a very runny consistency. The bent-bristly wand is easy to work with my lashes. The black color is just ok. Nothing which amazed me. But, I was gravitated towards this more because it is washable. Waterproof products are a strict no-no for me now because the struggle of getting those off my lashes is too hard. But sadly, the mascara did not do anything significant for my lashes either. I could hardly layer it on and everything dried up pretty soon and got contaminated . So, I had to discard the second tube as well and that's the long and the short of this review.
 Volume & Curl Mascara 10 Black
Volume & Curl Mascara 10 Black
 I don't think the mascara is worth the money because Isadora products don't come cheap. Besides, the first tube was sealed and yet the product inside seemed to have dried up and did not dispense anything on my lashes. The second tube was only marginally better.
Shall I recommend Isadora Voluma & Curl Mascara? No. I would not. The formula did not work well and since this happened with two of the tubes which came sealed and in tact, I don't think I would want  to invest in it any more.

But, if you are looking for a good mascara from the brand, stay tuned. I have another review coming up. Until then,



  1. Hearing about this brand for the first time. Looking forward to your review on the other mascara. It doesn't make sense spending so much money and not seeing much effect.


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