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Shop My Stash April-May: Milani, Inglot, Maybelline, Oriflame,etc.

Shop my makeup stash April-May

If you have noticed, I am badly trying to utilize all of my makeup and skincare products. While, I still cannot be that good girl and be on a strict shopping ban ( a girl's gotta do what's a girl's gotta do, right?), I still want to reach for products I tried so hard to acquire and then completely forgot to use. So, I think, a Shop My Stash wouldn't be a bad idea after all.
 The photos are not up to the mark. But, I wanted to post in any case.

shop my stash April May
Shop My Stash

What is Shop My Stash?

No, you wouldn't go shopping my old or used products. But, I would revisit my existing products as
if, I am shopping from my own stash.
While my project pan is still on, check out my Instagram Page @niveditanb, I am going to use these products I lovingly bought. What's on my list?
Maybelline the Nudes palette
Maybelline the Nudes Palette

Maybelline the Nudes Palette. ( Haul post here) I bought it right when it was launched and then, I completely forgot. I need to break in and review the palette as well.
Inglot Freedom System Lipsticks
Inglot Freedom System Lipsticks

Inglot Freedom System Round Lipsticks: I like these lipsticks but, I don't enjoy lipsticks in palettes because they get so messy and I don't like anything which is messy.

Shop my stash blushers
The Blushers

Inglot Blushers: ( Those eye shadows are not included. Ignore the poor quality photos). These two colors have problems of their own. Shall review later.

Maybelline Blusher in Peachy Sweetie: This one blush works almost with everything, yet, it is one of my most neglected products.

Milani Blusher in Rose D'oro :
I love this blush, but I always forget. I actually forgot that I had it in my collection. Who does that?!
Shop My Stash Foundation
Foundation and Base

Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse Foundation:
While I like the foundation, it is too dark for my skin. I mix it with other colors to adjust to my tone and that's a lot of work for a lazy bum like me!

Oriflame the ONE Foundation:
I have already used up about 2/3rd of the bottle. Since it has SPF, it could be the perfect one to revisit.

Oriflame the ONE concealer: These creamy concealers are great for highlighting the undereye area. I don't know how I forgot all about these.

Monave Highlighter: I think this is one of the best highlighters ever!

So, this is more or less what I have in my list. I am going to try using these more while, in the meantime, I still keep working on my project pan.

What do you think?You can join this one. Shall update how soon. In the meantime, start making your list as well.


  1. I have neglected Peachy sweety for long too, I am trying to get max out of that :)

    1. I want to actually dig a dent in it and hit the pan!

  2. have neglected Maybelline Cheeky Glow blushes like crazy! I'll pull them out again as well now! Loved the post!

    1. Thanks Swati. Yes, I remember that you had quite a few. I would love to see your stash shopping as well.

  3. I've ignored my lipsticks a lot! Now it's time to revisit them :)

    1. Hahaha! Do that and we can compare our progress report. What about that?

  4. Wonderful initiative & you are actually forcing me to revisit my neglected stash...keep inspiring :-)

    1. That redeems me from my sin of luring you into buying this and that every now and then. Do show what you shop from your stash. I would love to see it. :D

  5. Its such a good idea! :D so doing this! Loved the read

    1. Please do! It would be so much of fun! And, if you do, share with me. I love peeking into this kind of posts.


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