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April My Envy Box Unboxing

My Envy Box of April 2016 review, samples, coupons

Since last April's Box, My Envy Box is constantly surprising me. This year, when the April Box came out, I couldn't help noticing it set in the summer mood with the peach colored box like that of last April, but, this one has some more gold embossing which looked even more feminine.
My Envy Box of April 2016

My Envy Box of April 2016

 I am particularly fond of the boxes because I find them so useful. Even, these days, my relatives  take those boxes from me so that they can put their
knickknacks in a reachable place and yet, would not look clumsy.

This month's Box is curated by labellife.com

Coming back to the samples.

My Envy Box of April 2016
My Envy Box of April 2016
BBlunt Spotlight spray: This is the second time I received a BBlunt product and
even though it's a repeat of the same brand, I cannot complain. I actually like the
full size product.

O3 Milk Scrub: Again, it's a full size. I hope it works for my sensitive

Fran Wilson Color Changing Lipstick: It looks green, but depending on body pH balance and temperature, the color changes. I remember my aunt used to buy this kind of lipsticks from Tripura and Manipur and we used to love those.

Rene Furterer leave in Cream: There's already a hair product. But, the pollution  and chlorine water is there in my life. So, anything like this is always welcome.

Givenchy Live Irresistible: A tiny vial. While I love these vials, I never feel they should count as a complete sample in a sample box. So, I think, there should be at least two or three of these in the box.
My Envy Box of April 2016
My Envy Box of April 2016

That's all dears.

Verdict: While I am excited by some full size products, I am not altogether happy about the Fran Wilson lipstick because, by now, My Envy Box has already set their own bar higher than that. I also feel the Rene Furterer Sample could be a deluxe size and there could have been two vials of perfumes instead of one.

This box had all the potentials of being a bomb, but, by the brands own standards, it just turned out to be a narrow miss.

Overall, this was a value for money box, by calculation, still, things could have been better.

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PR Sample. Honest review.


  1. Have u reviewed the BBlunt Spotlight spray separately? Wud like to know abt its performance..

    1. Nah. Haven't had the chance to try it out yet. Letting you know as soon as possible.

  2. Earlier I used to go for 3/6 months subscription for these monthly boxes (My Envy Box/ Fab Bag) but nowadays I book only after seeing the reviews...though the Box design is undoubtedly on of the best till date, the products are not upto the expection...so I gave it a miss...please do a review of BBlunt spotlight spary...:-)


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