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Himalaya Herbals Lip Care Vanilla: Shop for a cause

Review of Himalaya Herbals Lip Care Vanilla, price.

Finding paraben-free, petroleum-free, preservative free lip balms in India is pretty difficult. Himalaya Herbals have been constantly bringing out products without the ingredients we tend to avoid and the best part I like is the price point. I honestly feel, even though they could widen their product range, they are still doing a great job in terms of quality, availability and of course affordability. I have earlier reviewed the Strawberry Lip Care. It's turn for the Vanilla now.

Himalaya Herbals Lip Care Vanilla
Himalaya Herbals Lip Care Vanilla

My experience of Himalaya Herbals Vanilla Lip Care:

I like the vanilla scent. *Pause*. I like the fact that it smells mild, natural ( it does not contain added scent) and is colorless since it does not contain added colors either ( none of their lip balms do)  so that I can use it even in the night
without being worried about scent and everything. The texture is slightly thickish, not the goopy kind, but good enough preventing it from sliding on the skin which makes it a perfect one to use underneath matte lipsticks which can be drying as you know.

 For day time, it is good enough. But, for night time heavy dose of moisture, it does not perform upto my need. So, for me, it is not an overnight lip balm. For that you have to turn to either Cocoa Butter or Intensive Treatment Lip Therapy which work well.
Himalaya Herbals Lip Care Vanilla
Himalaya Herbals Lip Care Vanilla
Rs 125 for 4.5 grams is rather cheap, especially for the quantity and the fact that it's free from parabens, petroleum, artificial fragrance. If you skin is super sensitive, this might be your chance.

My overall thoughts: It's a good lip balm and I think I am always going to keep one in my collection for all those skin-friendly properties and to wear underneath my matte lipsticks. I am especially fond of the Vanilla variant because I am fond of vanilla, but don't appreciate artificial fragrances which this does not have either.

This one can be perfect for day time, but, in the night, I definitely need something  more moisturizing.

PS: I am happy to see that Himalaya Herbals is donating Rs 2/- for every lip balm you purchase to smiletrain.org for corrective surgery of cleft lips. I appreciate this more because even though they are contributing to a cause, they have not hiked the price, kept it affordable. I know there are many international brands which charge hefty amount in the name of charity. I am glad that this brand is contributing, yet not ripping off their customers in the name of good deed.                                                                                                                   


  1. This sounds like a good lip balm. Got to try it out.

  2. I truly agree with your views on Himalaya Products...Itz great to know about their initiative without burdening the customers...enjoyed your review...:-)

  3. It's good to know that the scent is quite mild, have been around so many balms with that artificial smell that it altogether put me off from using them. Good review, have to check it out :)

  4. I love HH! I'm definitely going to try these lips balms out. I recently found out that they added many new products to their site. Will have to check.

    Thanks for the review, Nivedita!


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