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Bloggers' Event: Mickey Contractor discusses MAC Summer Season 2016 Trends, an interactive session.

MAC beauty bloggers' event in Kolkata where Mickey Contractor discusses MAC Cosmetics Trends Summer 2016.

Guess what? Life couldn't be sweeter for me! It was only yesterday, that I was pondering how far I have come in terms of information and everything from being a novice dabbling with cosmetics and trying to share my experiences to being a bit more knowledgeable now and yes, sharing my opinion on everything cosmetics.

Mickey Contractor for MAC 2016
So, what do you think?
But, could I ever dream this? I feel like hopping on one leg ( I don't know why I want to do that though). Yes, I met Mickey Contractor in flesh and blood and not in my wildest dreams!

MAC Summer Season 2016 Trends
Karen and Mickey
For the first time, there was an interactive bloggers' session in Kolkata, at MAC Cosmetics store, Quest Mall and I was honored with an invitation by the brand.
The day before, I did not sleep... yes, for the first time in my life, I was that excited about something! 

On reaching the spot, I found Mickey Contractor was already there and was the brand manager for India
Karen, the tall beautiful lady whose simple makeup, I couldn't help admiring.

MAC Summer Season 2016 Trends event Nivedita
A good makeup look must be flaunted with a selfie

Day time smokey eyes
Tried going heavy, but still turned out day-time appropriate

I expected the renowned makeup artist to be a bit, ahem, snobbish? After all, we are beauty enthusiasts, not trained professionals. (Of course we are extremely passionate!). But, it turned out, he is infectiously warm and jovial and of course professional. he spoke about trends, his visions of this summer 2016, techniques and I feel, I learnt more in this one and half hour than I ever did before, at least, makeup wise.
MAC Summer Season 2016 Trends

Straight from the oracle, here are some pointers about Summer 2016 from MAC. Note: Mickey is also known for the fresh light but remarkable makeup he does as you can see on the models. It's the epitome of perfection of 'less is more'. I am retelling a few of the many aspects he discussed.
Less if more of course. Makeup trends are not laws, so, the aesthetics differ and that is no crime. So, there shouldn't be any compulsion for conformity.

Eyes and Lips:
But, Mickey visions clean eyes, bold lashes, red lips or nude. But, there cannot be any limit to the texture. ( I am delighted! Not that I go by the rules, I am tired of the dry, matte brown lipcolors I see everywhere.)

But, for youngsters, if going clean on the eyes feels monotonous, he sees primary colors, greens, yellow, blue, etc. but yes, big lashes create drama even on a very clean face.


The skin should be neither matte, not dewy. It should look plump and moist, ( of course not greasy.) well contoured. For everyday, don't have to go ham on the contouring and highlighting. Highlighting or strobing... by, creating higher points, automatically create an illusion of good contour.                    

 You should wear makeup and the makeup must not wear you. The overall look would be a beautiful clean face with a little bit of color and that should draw the attention. Of course, sheen or glow is welcome, as long as it's barely there.                                                                                                 
MAC Summer Season 2016 Trends
MAC Summer Season 2016 Trends by Mickey Contractor
Model 1 ( hate to name so because I did not have the opportunity to ask their names) has beautiful     clean face. The eyes have some illuminating creams and loads of mascara. The skin, mildly dewy which looks so healthy and of course, Ruby Woo steals the look.                                                      

MAC Summer Season 2016 Trends
MAC Summer Season 2016 Trends
Model 2 also has everything the same, only the lips are nude and glossy ( I loved it) while the eyes stand out in blue. Note, the blue is not a detailed all over the lid kind of full on eye makeup. But, it  looks more like as though you could smudge a blue eye pencil and blend up a bit in the outer      crease with similar blue shadow.                                                                                                       

Of course, I know Mickey has his professional expertise. But, this is what it looks like.

I hope you found this useful. I think, summer or winter, Mickey's idea can be good in any season, given, I am always blown away by the celebrity make overs he has done all his life and his work I had seen a few years ago, and that too, for MAC.

There are some tips and tricks which I am sure you would really find extremely useful. Stay tuned for the next post. Don't miss those tips.

What do you think of the  MAC's Summer 2016 Trends for Mickey Contractor?  I am very             interested in your comments. Do share.                                                                                                 


  1. Wish I could attend this. This Ahmedabad trip!!! Arghhh

  2. Wow it must be like a dream come true! You look sassy and gorgeous :*

  3. This is the best which can happen to a make-up enthusiast...your look is gorgeous & your eye make-up is just perfect...you must do a OOTD & FOTD posts for this look..& thanks for sharing the summer 2016 trends...:-)

    1. Thank you Sramana. True, I felt like pinching myself! You know, it feels really great when you compliment me on my makeup. :D I am definitely doing an FOTD tutorial and break down by the next week for sure. I am better equipped now as well.

      I am really happy about the trends because I find them actually helpful. These are not the kind which we cannot wear outside some theme party, but should actually work for us!

  4. I would love to attend Mickey's session some day! Both of the looks are perfect for the upcoming months!

    1. Isn't it so? They are so wearable even every day! I hope you do get a chance soon. I was so taken aback by his friendliness which I expected the least, and the tips and tricks he gladly shared.

  5. This is like a dream come true.. And your makeup is completely on point..


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