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ELF Box Set Nail Polish in Blush

I don't know what's with me, but these days, I am enjoying nude nail colors a lot as I am enjoying neutral eyes. Earlier, I have shown you photos of ELF Love Goddess which was red flakes and I was just amazed with it on top of black base.  Of the other colors from the kit, I have another favorite called 'Blush' and it's turn I show some little love to it by showing it to you.

ELF Nail Polish Blush
ELF Nail Polish Blush

'Blush' is very aptly named. It is a nude, satin finish nail polish and a a good neutral. It's neither cool nor warm and gives a sheen which prevents the color from looking dull.

The brush is as bad as the earlier one and the cap sits in such a weird angle. It makes me feel
uncomfortable. The staying power however is not bad and if you can manage to apply the color evenly, you would have a winner over here.
ELF Nail Polish Nude Swatch
NOTD with ELF Nail Polish in Nude
But then, the entire box I think comes at around $10 or so. In case you have good brushes from other brands, you can clean those up and use it. ( I think that would be a good way of using it.)

In spite of the dislikes because the cap doesn't twist into proper form and the brush is not good, it is because of the product and the color itself that I love this one.

ELF Box Set Nail Polish Blush
ELF Nail Polish Blush

That's the perk of having a sister ladies. The ELF Box Set is not mine. My brother-in-law got it from USA and the entire box being too much for one person, my sister, my niece and I ... all the three of us are using these to our heart's content.

Are you big with manicures? I don't know why I don't like big bottles of nail polishes. Wait! I have my reasons. But well, sets like these are not bad. What say?                                                                 


  1. I do prefer buying mini sizes, as I never ever go through a bottle of nail polish anyway, so I don't feel as guilty for buying new colors every now and again.

    1. That's precisely my feeling too. I don't recall the last time I have completely used up a color and after one or two applications, I get tired and want to move on.

  2. Same here i am into nudes these days. This shade is very pretty!

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  4. Even I prefer small bottled nail paints as I hardly use them :P

  5. Such a unique and hard to find shade.


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