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Nivea Richly Caring Body Milk (Shall the classic scent make it a classic too? )

Nivea Body lotion classic review

Say what you want, but Nivea is one brand I trust, like Himalaya Herbals. I don't recall any major misses from the brand and in winter, when everything fails, every year, this humble but famous brand comes with brandishing sword killing my winter woes. While I talk about it in a different post, it's time that I review the Body Milk.
Nivea classic body lotion review
Nivea Richly Caring Body Milk

The brand claims that it has almond oil, it is 'richly caring' and meant for very dry skin.Without dallying further, let me dig into the review. The lotion itself is white, feels smooth and moisturizing and smells of the classic Nivea creme.

But the question is, did it help me? Yes. it did! In winter when my skin turns so dry that nothing short of coconut oil works, this one did a fairly good job. In fact, it worked the best from the group of body lotions. My skin felt hydrated, soothed and did not itch for about twelve hours after which I would either apply oil or reapply this one. This one, I don't think would cause any skin irritation because it already feels calming on the skin and I have not yet come across Nivea products reacting on the skin.
Nivea Richly Caring Body Milk
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The long and short of the review is, I love the scent, I love the hydration it provides, I love the affordability ( 200 ml comes for about 200 INR I think) and the classic Nivea feel. I have used two bottles and my dad got a huge bottle which the entire family happily used and all of us loved it unanimously.

I don't know what more reason I to love it unless it's an elixir of youth! For my part, it's an absolute must have for me in winters and next winter, I am not looking at any other skin lotions.

If you have used this lotion, do you feel the way I do?


  1. I've been using this body lotion for years and I totally love it.

  2. I love this body lotion! It's way too rich for my skin right now but again, I don't mind using it in winters. It's a saver!

  3. I generally love the Nivea body lotions. They ahve always worked well for me :) Plus I really like the fragrance :)


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