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Puffy eyes: What I do and product recommendations

How do I take care of puffy eyes and product recommendation, causes, 101

Recently an old blogger friend of mine was feeling exasperated about puffy eyes. I thought, since I do this and that which helps me manage my issues, it could be helpful even in small way to some perhaps.

products for puffy eyes

I was not able to ask her about the details and honestly, since I am no doctor, I feel it would be pointless to get into clinical diagnoses.

However, here are a few common causes I know of: lack of restful sleep which might keep you fatigued, crying ( I hope none of you are doing that), salt imbalance, thyroid,vitamin deficiency, stress ( leading to again, fatigue), weight, lack of proper diet, exercise or rather the lack of it . I know a doctor would tell you better and I am not a trained person of course.
products for puffy eyes

Speaking for myself, I don't suffer from severe puffy eyes. Sometimes I might get in the morning or in case I had been too emotional, yeah, we all know that. Right?  One of my male relatives also started having puffy eyes and he started looking older ( as he claimed) and he also used one of the products I myself use.
products for puffy eyes

There are two recommendations in my list which I need to review.

I use Garnier Whitening Under eye roll on which goes by some different name in other countries: Yes, this one doesn't lighten and I have not used very consistently either, but it does a very good job for me as well as for my relative. His puffy eyes never came back and my puffiness goes away in half an hour or so making me look more awake.

The Body Shop Drops of Youth Eye Roll On: While it does not do anything for dark circles ( and does not claim to do anything like that either), it claims to depuff tired eyes and surely it does. My mother on the other side of fifties, some times would get eye bags. I put a bit of this lotion and gently massaged it on and the bags had considerably sagged and were gone. But, she had discontinued after a few days and even though those did not come back right after, it did not permanently cure either ( and no product can I believe).

There are also some DIY tips here:

  • Cold compresses always help.
  • If you have infection ( please do check), warm compresses.Sometime, there might be mild infections which only a doctor can detect.
  • Rest in a dark room for about an hour or so.
  • Dim the lights and avoid exposure to strong lights.
  • Check on your salt intake. While sodium is needed, we can sometimes go overboard. I wouldn't suggest cutting down, but still, it's good to keep an eye.
  • Eat fruits rich in water-content..
  • Exercise.
  • Try sleeping well.
  • if you are exercising too much, moderate it.
  • If you are on any special diet, perhaps, you need to rethink.

If none of these work, please see a doctor. In fact, even before trying out anything, I would always advise seeing a doctor because any underlying cause needs to be detected and that's the way to deal with internal problems.

So, here's my two pence of puffy eyes. Hope this helps.



  1. I've rarely had issues with puffy eyes.. for me it has always been pesky dark circles. But if I ever start getting puffy eyes I know what to do.

  2. Awesome post, Nivedita. Am getting the products that you have recommended. Really appreciate all the details in this post, they are very helpful :)

  3. Awesome post, Nivedita. Am getting the products that you have recommended. Really appreciate all the details in this post, they are very helpful :)

  4. I should try out the drops of youth one. Sounds nice.
    I am on the lookout for a nice eye gel which will be light for the summers, but affordable. Any suggestions?

  5. Wanna try it! Sounds like a good product!

  6. Lovely post dear, especially the DIY tips. What is the price of both products?



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