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Summer Essentials Kit from Maybelline swears to keep you Summer Fresh

Maybelline Summer Essentials Kit to #StaySummerFresh, photo, products, price.

One thing I like about transitions of seasons is that the brands always keep launching something or other or putting an idea to keep the excitement going. I have mentioned earlier that I like the fact that Maybelline India keeps introducing products in each season which always keeps me guessing. In summer, they did something sweet. This time they recommend a few products to make a Summer Essentials Kit which can get you ready in a minute.

Maybelline Summer products
The Bag!
It doesn't mean an elaborate makeup, but just something you can even carry around which would make you more presentable. A compact for freshness, a
kajal for a hint of glam and a tinted lip balm with SPF can save the day. So, the brand is recommending White Super Fresh Compact ( 150 INR), a Colossal Kajal in Black ( 175 INR) and Baby Lips ( 175 INR).

I am liking the recommendation because these days, I am suddenly not feeling like putting on much makeup. In fact, I am either going for a no -makeup makeup look or just putting on some sunscreen, a bit of compact, mascara, lip balm and I am good to go. ( Need to get out of the rut though).

Maybelline summer fresh

I need to review the Colossal Kajal because I have gone through about two or three and somehow felt that since every one is familiar with the kajal, there wouldn't be any point. But, on a second thought, I felt it wouldn't be a bad idea to add to my repertoire of reviews. What say?

What do you think of this kind of ready kits? What do you think of this particular kit? Thumbs up or thumbs down?


  1. This kit perfect for summer. And the gold pouch looks gorgeous.

    1. I was more looking at the pouch. I don't know... the bling got me!

  2. Nice little kit, I'd love to hear more about the products.

    1. Thank you. yes, the reviews would be up shortly. :)


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