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The Body Shop loose Powder 02: Product Update

Apart from various series, I keep posting, I thought of updating you on products I have been using over a long time and I have mostly changed my views...yes, that  sometimes happens. or, sometimes, I want to revisit products I have been using over a, long course of time. So, I thought of doing this.
I had reviewed the Loose Powder from The Body Shop here earlier. I did not like it back then because on bare skin, it did not mattify, neither did it stay for hours. 

The Body Shop loose Powder 02
The Body Shop loose Powder 02

But, the problem lay elsewhere. The powder was not supposed to be used on it's own. The loose
powder was meant to be used on top of foundations.
Since my skin gets angry because of stress and all, I use foundations more frequently now.

Once my Rimmel Compact was finished, I looked in this direction and as such, I wanted to use this up and glad I did.

How do I use it now?
After doing my foundation, I take a dense bristle round-topped kabuki brush and in patting strokes dust the powder on. I would let it stay for about 30 seconds or so and then again use the brush to dust off and blend. 

The powder not only sets my under eye concealer, it also sets my foundation wonderfully and my base stays in place for really long hours. In the last four or five months I have not used any other setting product and I am actually anxious over the fact that the line has been withdrawn in India. I think the little left with me now would barely last another ten to fifteen uses after which I have to get it imported by some means.
The Body Shop loose Powder 02
The Body Shop loose Powder 02

Bottom line: What I initially hated is now something I love and that's pretty amusing. I was using the product wrongly and now that I am using it for what's it's supposed to do, I love it.

What do you think ladies? Have you ever changed your mind about products? What do you think of this series?



  1. Lose powders are the bet for summers.

  2. I haven't tried a loose powder yet. But I really want to soon. Any other suggestions for one apart from this?


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