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L'Oreal Paris 24 Hour Infallible Foundation: Everything you need to know

Review, price, application techniques, swatches of L'Oreal Paris 24 Hour Infallible Foundation 250 Radiant Sand and 300 Amber

Recently, I realized that I am too finicky, especially when it comes to shooting color cosmetics. I have been meaning to review two of my most used foundations but every time I shoot, I am not happy with the photos and I don't know why suddenly shooting base makeups feel so difficult. Anyway, I have been using L'Oreal Paris 24 Hour Infallible Foundation for quite some time now and having worn them in monsoon, fall, winter, summer and at last near monsoon again, at last I can make detailed review of the same along with application techniques I figured out.
L'Oreal Paris 24 Hour Infallible Foundation
L'Oreal Paris 24 Hour Infallible Foundation : Amber, Radiant Sand

My experience of L'Oreal Paris 24 Hour Infallible Foundation:

Price: Rs 1400 for 30 ml.

Radiant Sand 250: The first bottle I got was 250 Radiant Sand and it is quite yellow in color. If
you have warm medium complexion like mine, this might work well for you.

Amber 300 : Is slightly darker, slightly orange-ish and slightly warm.

The texture of this foundation is thick and like most thick and full coverage foundations, I have to work well in blending. But, once blended it looks good.

Here are some issues I had and application techniques which can troubleshoot the same:

The foundation oxidizes like crazy! Radiant Sand matches my skin color very beautifully, yet, in winters, it looks way dark on my normal skin. In summer, on my tan and after oxidizing it looks quite orange.

Amber 300 is slightly dark even for my summer skin and since it oxides darker, I have to mix it with my Oriflame the ONE foundation.

L'Oreal Paris 24 Hour Infallible Foundation
L'Oreal Paris 24 Hour Infallible Foundation

Besides, on my bare skin, whenever I use the foundation, even if I have set it well with a powder, it gets very oily and starts caking up. The thick consistency is also hard to blend with a brush. But, I am not good with sponges as well as they sheer out foundation. 

So, what do I do?

I use a primer. I love using Wonderblur from The Body Shop which I have reviewed before. It erases out the pores and creates a smooth canvas. It also keeps oil at bay creating a barrier between the foundation and skin. Since the oil cannot come in contact with it easily and also the setting powder prevents oxidizing from top, the foundation no longer oxidizes on me.

L'Oreal Paris 24 Hour Infallible Foundation Swatches
L'Oreal Paris 24 Hour Infallible Foundation Swatches

As for application, I use my Sigma F80 Kabuki. If I am trying to blend the foundation just like that, the skin tugs because of the density. What I do is, I dot the foundation all over my face. Spray on some rose water or something on the brush and then start stippling my face. The stippling works blends the foundation better and once I am done, I would then start buffing. If I have to, I would spray rose water or my own skin tonic again. At last, set everything with a powder.

The staying power of the foundation on me is impressive. Without a primer has stayed put for almost 8-9 hours but but face did get oily and the foundation got a bit cakey which a little blotting took care of. On top of a primer, I can trust it for the same time without the oiliness, but some shine on my nose. Again, a little blotting might be necessary, but the foundation would remain fresh.

I have worn it in summer heat( by that I mean 40 degree Celsius)  and yes, even though the foundation does transfer on my phone screen, it does not melt.

The coverage is medium-full which is perfect because I prefer coverage as my skin is not that nice on it's own.

I have worn Radiant Sand 250 here in the LOTD I did with the La Vie En Rose and you can see that there was not flash back. I have also worn it at the trade showcase of Typhoo Tea here and you can see that without a primer it did get oily, but there wasn't a flashback.

So, here's my view of L'Oreal Paris 24 Hour Infallible Foundations and the application techniques which might help you if you are having similar issues like mine.

Let me know if you have tried this foundation or how you feel about this foundation.


Product by the brand. Honest review.


  1. This foundation is really great, but I still haven't figured out what to do with its oxidation. I too apply primer and setting powder, but still it oxidizes on me crazy. It's just lying around now.

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  4. Wonderful pots. This foundation is too much work. No thanks :D

  5. This L'Oreal foundation is simply the best.Its my holy grail foundation.It is so light on the skin and feels like second skin.Nicely reviewed dear.😊

  6. I am reading so many good reviews on this foundation, tempted to try it out

  7. I need to check this one out. The only problem is that I wear foundations so so rarely, that buying one just ends up getting wasted finally :(

  8. I do like this foundation but this foundation just refuses to look the same at the end of the day! It's great for cooler months on me! xx


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