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The Truth About Dry Shampoo: How to use and what to expect? Myth and reality.

Dry Shampoo 101 and Its Uses

It has been quite some time that I have been trying out a dry shampoo from BBlunt. But, before I did a review, I wanted to share some pointers.

What is dry shampoo?

Don't be fooled by the word 'shampoo'. This is not a real 'shampoo'. In fact, it is not even a cleansing product.

Dry shampoo 101
What is your favourite brand of dry shampoo? Share with me in the comment.

Then what's the big deal?

A dry shampoo does what a compact powder would do for face. A compact powder does not necessarily 'remove' oil or dirt. But, it 'blots' and keeps the face shine free. It's a temporary fix. Right?
Similar is a dry shampoo. Say your hair and scalp is oily. When you spray on a dry shampoo, it absorbs the oil from the scalp and takes away the sticky-oily look bringing back the bounce.

So, is dry shampoo a good fix? Should I get one?

I think it has happened to all of us that even if the scalp is clean, hair and scalp got oily, or you wanted to go out suddenly but there was nothing you could do for the oiliness or you wished to have a fix. It is at this time a dry shampoo would come to aid.

How to use?

Shake the can. Spray it directly on the scalp ( and hair if you need), let it be in your hair and scalp for a minute or two letting the liquid to powder product absorb the oil. Then, give your scalp a light massage which should loosen the absorbent layer of dry shampoo. Brush your hair.

What you would normally expect from a dry shampoo?

  • It is a temporary fix.While the hair would not keep looking limp any more, the oiliness and limpness might be back after a few hours.
  • It would not make your hair look as if it has been washed and cleansed right before.
  • It would leave deposit on the scalp no matter what brands claim and if you keep using it, the build up can and will start giving you hair fall. You NEED to keep your scalp clean.
  • It is after all a styling product. It's not a substitute of washing. Would you rely on oil-absorbing compact powders to keep your face clean? Similarly, it just temporarily absorbs excessive oil and does not 'clean' your scalp.

Other uses I know of:

I know one. Since dry shampoo leaves deposit, if you have washed you hair which sometimes becomes too silky to style, a little dry shampoo can add texture to hair making the process easier.

What I do not recommend?

I know a friend of mine who used dry shampoo as a substitute for hair wash. It would not work for most. And mostly, it would cause more and more build up causing hair fall and harming your scalp.

Do I like dry shampoo?

So far I have used only one and that too, I have in my kitty for about eight months now. I rely on it only a a desperate fix and never a replacement. So, I cannot say I am a die-hard fan. But, yes, it's good to have one for emergencies.

I know there are numerous articles on dry shampoo. Even I have been misled about the 'shampoo' tag and the claims the articles made. But, this is what I conclude from my personal experience. Hope it busts the myths and unrealistic expectations set by brands and beauty magazine. Let me know if this post has helped you in any way. Your comments make my endeavor rewarding. 


  1. Its all so true..and its sad that there marketing of the product is so misleading..
    This post will be an eye-opener for those who are still unaware!

    1. I think the name 'shampoo' has actually created all that confusion.

  2. Your post is so informative & helpful...I tried two dry shampoos from two leading brands but neither worked for me...moreover, I felt itchiness whenever I used it...so in a nut-shell...dry shampoo is not my thing...

    1. Even I am not the biggest fan of dry shampoo because in humid and tropical location, the residue along with sweat is just going to worsen situations. Still, for occasional emergency fix I would rely on one.

  3. a great detailed post on dry shampoos..Not many know that it should not be treated a sa substitute :D

    1. Thank you Purva. Even, when I had first read about dry shampoo, it did not come with a warning that it dry shampoos can't be a substitute.

  4. I use dry shampoo once in between washes. Of course it's not a substitute for washing, I'd think everyone would know that... And if you continuously layer it your hair is just bound to become an icky sticky mess...

    1. It is still an option for you. But trust me, had you ever been to Calcutta or Mumbai, you would not just survive the heat, dust, pollution and of course humidity and sweat. Cleaning up everyday, I feel is a must.

  5. I seriously needed thi info :P
    I used BBlunt dry shampoo once or twice, but didn't find it much effective. I doubt if i use it in right manner. Will try again.


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