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Lakme Perfect Radiance Night Cream

Lakme Perfect Radiance Night Cream Review, photo, price.

Whenever I use a day cream, I also try using the corresponding night cream or try using the entire range which I find works better most of the times. So, right when I started using the Perfect Radiance Day Cream from Lakme , I also kept using the night cream. After using it continuously for about 20 days, I think I should be able to effectively review it with proper insights.

Lakme Perfect Radiance Night Cream
Lakme Perfect Radiance Night Cream

Price: Rs 335 for 50 gram ( Same as the day cream)

My Experience of Lakme Perfect Radiance Night Cream:

The product comes in a steel colored body, like the day cream, but the cap is also steel colored as opposed to the white lid of the day cream. The pink colored product feels creamy and spreads easily and absorbs right in. It is not very oily or too rich/hydrating which is one reason why I had to stay away until the humid seasons began. Till May, my skin was dry and eventually it started becoming combination-oily. But the air conditioning compelled me to go for something more moisturizing.

Lakme Perfect Radiance Night Cream
Lakme Perfect Radiance Night Cream

But now that the weather is humid and my skin is back to normal-combination, I am using it every day.

Application: I suggest patting the cream all over instead of rubbing because since it gets absorbed very fast, while rubbing, I feel a major amount gets absorbed into my palms which is not bad for my hands, but then, I need to keep loading and loading up. On application, I feel I have done something for my skin and yet, I am letting it breathe and not pickling up with the product.

Lakme Perfect Radiance Night Cream
Lakme Perfect Radiance Night Cream

On the morning next, I don't wake up with oily skin as I otherwise would during this time, but my skin rather feels soft and supple and well rested.

On using the day and night cream for some time and with mild exfoliation and skin pampering occasionally, I think my skin is recovering from that horrible acne situation I don't recall if I had told you about. But, I am in general seeing clearing up and some brightness... better to say, an overall improvement in my skin again.

I must also mention that since the night cream is not very rich and feels light on the skin, sometimes I use my Clean & Clear Skin Balancing Lotion underneath to manage the acne situation and some more moisturization.

Overall, I am happy with the Perfect Radiance Night Cream because,

  • It is ( of course) affordable.
  • Available everywhere.
  • It is light and so perfect for monsoon since my skin is oily in the t zone now.
  • My skin can breathe.
  • It gets quickly absorbed.
  • Feels light on the skin.
  • I can use any other lotion depending on the requirement.

What did not work for me?

It's not the product's fault that my skin is very dry in winter and through the major part of dry summer and night time air conditioning.

Who would enjoy this product the best?

Oily skinned beauties would love the night cream.
Combination-skin would be happy too. But might need something alongside to adjust the moisturization.
Dry skin would not 'love' it., but can make do with some other cream.

Lakme Perfect Radiance Night Cream
Lakme Perfect Radiance Night Cream

Do I like the Lakme Perfect Radiance Night Cream?
Yes I do. I had been sent one jar. But, I have already bought a back up you can see.

Do I recommend?
Oily skinned ladies shouldn't give a second thought. Other skin types may have little issue with moisturization.

So, that's everything i had on my mind with the night cream Hope you have found this review useful. If you have tried this range, do share your thoughts with me.


One of the two creams sent by the brand. Review honest.


  1. I too have skin like yours. Will definitely check it out!

  2. I'm getting it as I have combination skin and I want night cream in which my skin can breathe...


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