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Moroccanoil Hydrating Hair Spa Treatment: I am on a roll!

Moroccanoil Hydrating Hair Treatment review, products, price, effect.

You may have noticed that on the blog I keep expensive things on a low. But, the last time I went in for Moroccanoil Smoothing Treatment, I was blown away by the effect and of course the service.

Moroccanoil Hydrating Hair Spa Treatment
Moroccanoil Hydrating Hair Spa Treatment

 The effect lasted me for about a week and through one more wash even though the blowout was of
course gone after the wash. So, this time when I was invited to try the Moroccanoil Hydrating Hair Treatment, I readily jumped in because
  • who wants to pass off a pampering session?
  • Moroccanoil products seem to work extremely well for me ( shall review the treatment oil soon).

Before I dug a hole in my pocket to purchase the products myself, I wanted to go in for another session to see if the Moroccanoil products work for me.

Moroccanoil products
Moroccanoil : The band ready for a task

Moroccanoil Hydrating Treatment:

This one is a less elaborate treatment.

Moroccanoil Hydrating Hair Spa Treatment
Moroccanoil Hydrating Hair Spa Treatment

 It consists of two washes of Moroccanoil Hydrating Shampoo. 

Moroccanoil shampoo variants
Moroccanoil Shampoo variants

I was surprised by the little amount needed. It less than a spoonful mixed with three parts by volume of water and massaged into the hair
Moroccanoil Hydrating Hair Spa Treatment
Yeah! That's the amount of shampoo used

. This was followed up by the Moroccanoil Hydration Mask + Moroccanoil Treatment oil regular. 

Moroccanoil Hair masks
The Hair Mask

They used about one and half tablespoon of mask and a about four drops of the oil.

Moroccanoil Hydrating Hair Spa Treatment
Hairmask+treatment oil

 This was applied through the lengths of my hair and I was given a head and neck massage. After about 20 minutes, the mask was rinsed off and their Heat 

Protection Lotion was applied followed by the frizz control spray and then the hair was blow dried.
Sabina, the product expert and trainer from the brand gave me a wonderful blowout as you can see. But what I like the most is the little amount of heat needed which means, the protection lotion and the frizz spray cuts down on the drying time.

Moroccanoil Hydrating Hair Spa Treatment
With naveen, the expert by my side
Effect: A professional blowout always looks beautiful. So, I am not focusing on how straight my hair looks. But, you might know that in the last 6 or 7 months my hair has turned extremely dry and there are lots of things I am trying to do ( amid work and everything) which I think is slowly turning things around. But, on the last one month, I see small changes in my hair which is towards better.

After the Hydrating Treatment, my hair definitely feels hydrated and soft. It has been around 4 days now I haven't washed my hair and even though the blow dry has worn off on its own, my hair definitely does not look dry and still feels soft and hydrated. 

Moroccanoil Hydrating Hair Spa Treatment
Another look at before and after

I am planning to follow up with the treatment oil after the next wash and keep using it for a few months to see how it works. I might also purchase the shampoo and conditioner to use alongside the oil and find out if Moroccanoil heals my hair completely in the long run.

Tresbay Colors Alipore
Tresbay Colors Alipore

I got the service done at Tresbay Colors at The Enclave Building, Alipore Statebank More (Crossing). Naveen was brought in from their Howrah branch and he happens to be so soft-spoken and adept! He is also a very expert masseur. So, I would always suggest looking for him.

Moroccanoil Team
With the team because Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

Like the Smoothing Treatment,  the Hydrating Treatment is priced at Rs 2500 too. Currently there's an offer going on. I am putting up this leaflet in case anyone wants to take advantage of it.

What do you think of this hair spa? Are you curious about Moroccanoil products?

I would like to do a separate post on my experience between the two kind of treatments in case you want to decide between the two.

I went in for the spa session as guest of the brand. This is not a sponsored post.


  1. Nivedita your hair looks lovely.The last before and after pic is just so overwhelming.Looks like a great treatment.You must have had an amazing experience.

  2. Ur hair made me jealous. It's indeed an awesome treatment!!!

  3. Ur hair made me jealous. It's indeed an awesome treatment!!!

  4. Wow your hair looks extremely gorgeous! Difference is so visible :)

  5. The side-swept locks definitely ups the oomph factor :D

    How are you doing? :)

    By the way, loving your oh so glossy, glowing skin! And, those rouge lips <3


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