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Essence Gel Nail Polish 17 Juicy Love adds a juicy shine to my nails!

Essence Gel Nail Polish 17 Juicy Love review, photo, price

When I moved to Manila, I discovered that I ad left all of my nail polish back in Calcutta. Well, I did not want to carry those either because nail polish would have taken up a lot of weight and nail polish is available everywhere. When I went to Watsons at SM Aura, I located a huge wall full of nail polishes and these sweet little bottles were perched at m eye level. I could not pass these off and Juicy Love seemed to be the exact colour I was looking for.

Essence Gel Nail Polish 17 Juicy Love
Essence Gel Nail Polish 17 Juicy Love

I paid P149 for 8 ml bottle. ( Rs 200 approx.) which is not so cheap given there are cheaper options in India. I am not sure how much the Maybelline Color Shows cost here.

My Experience of Essence Gel Nail Polish 17 Juicy Love:

Essence Gel Nail Polish 17 Juicy Love
Essence Gel Nail Polish 17 Juicy Love

No doubt the bottle is cute and the color a beautiful cherry red which is sure to flatter any skin tone. The shape of the bottle actually makes it comfortable to hold. On opening I was surprised by the flat brush which is rounded at the tip to give better application. It's not a very wide or big, but a decent size which makes application a breeze for the sloppy ones like me. You might know that I am a real failure when it comes to manicure.
Essence Gel Nail Polish 17 Juicy Love applicator
Essence Gel Nail Polish 17 Juicy Love

Two coats of the polish adds a very shiny almost gel-looking finish. I have never seen a gel manicure in real life. So, I cannot comment on if it actually looks like a gel polish. But surely, the shine impressed me.
Essence Gel Nail Polish 17 Juicy Love
lateral view of the applicator

Given the fact that I tend to do domestic chores and everything, the polish would stay put for one to two days before it starts chipping. I am not disappointed because I find the texture and finish and everything very easy to handle. And, honestly, I don't keep my nail polish on for a very long time. I prefer my hands clean that having old nail paints sticking.

Essence Gel Nail Polish 17 Juicy Love
Essence Gel Nail Polish 17 Juicy Love


  1. Price. It's budget-friendly.
  2. The sweet-looking bottle.
  3. The flat, medium sized, rounded brush which makes application so easy.
  4. The shine.
  5. Standard quantity.

What could be better?

  • Drying time. It takes quite some time before the polish dries well and I really don;t like this part.
  • The staying power? But well, it's not very unfair as well.

Do I recommend Essence Gel Nail Polish? For my part, I do. And they have a wide selection of colours as well.

Shall I repurchase? I am already planning to go back for some more shades.

I am extremely happy with this nail polish because other than the average staying power, everything worked well for me.

Have you ever tried Essence Gel Nail Polishes? Would you like to get hold of one too?



  1. was looking fwd to this
    will go get it

    1. Thank you Jayanthi. Let me know which colours you got.

  2. I need to look into their polish range. This one looks great!

    1. They have a very wide range as far as I see.


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