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Lipsticks in My Bag! Am I the only one?

My lipstick and lip balm addiction: L'Oreal, Isadora, Studiowest, Streetwear, The Body Shop, Himalaya, MAC

Recently I decided to do away with the small makeup and miscellaneous item in my bag. The chief reason being, even though I am equipped for a full touch up, I rarely touch up m makeup. If I feel it needs touch up or anything has gone rally wrong, I simply wipe or wash my face clean. yes, I really don;t mind going without makeup. But, I wear makeup when I am in mood. But yes, I push myself to touch up my lipsticks.
Lipsticks for medium complexion
These babies made their way into my bag

Anyway, long story short, I did not want makeup items in m bag and wanted to get it lighter. The other day, on coming back home after running some errands, I wanted to organize my bag and these are what I found! Yes, I had a compact. But, other than that, I found all these lip products which had
made their way into my bag without a track!

L'Oreal Moist Matte Lipstick in Arabian Night: You may have seen this before. I love the Moist Matte range. I would chose those...any day.

Isadora Twist Up Glossy Stick: These are insanely moisturizing and they add a good dose of colors to the lips.
Lipsticks in my bag

Studiowest Lipstick: I intended to review the Studiowest products for a long time. I don't know why that never happened.

The Body Shop Color Crush Lipstick in Red Siren: A buttery red lipstick which is not receiving the least amount of love which it actually deserves.

Streetwear Lipstick: Yes, another unsung hero.

Lipsticks for medium complexion
Swatches of everything

Himalaya Lip Balm: It smells really strong for my taste. But on a better nore, it feels more moisturizing that the other variants.

MAC Huggable Lipgloss: I forgot the name. The gloss on it's own looks unflattering n the tube. But on top of muted colors like the Studiowest lipstick, it looks really pretty. Besides, It feels moisturizing on my lips. So, I am quite happy.

Forest Essentials Lip Balm: Initially I did not like it much. But the scent is heavenly.

So, there were 8 lip products in my bag! I am sure, in your bags, there would be quite a number of lip products too!

Here's what you can do. Take a look into your bags and share your list here. Or, you can also take a photo and tag me on Instagram. My id is @Niveditanb



  1. That's quite a bunch of products Nivedita :D
    I will too dig my bag and post a photo soon tagging you on instagram.

    1. Thank would be really nice Ishita. We are such addicts!

  2. Wow.that's white a bunch of stuff! I usually carry an everyday neurtal pink and sometimes an orange. I was mostly seen with a tinted lip balm :D but I have made a little kit of sorts and I have been carrying it around everywhere off late :)

    1. I always keep thinking I would need all that while, I hardly just do touch ups. So, I decided to clear out my bag every now and then.

  3. I intend to start off with just 1 nude in my bag... but after 3 days i end up having atleast 5!!

  4. That's a nice colour range. I choose the lipstick to carry in my bag based on my mood.


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