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My Tiny August Haul: Essence, NYX, Nichido, etc.

If you follow m on Instagram ( @niveditanb), you may know that I am currently travelling. So, as I am in Manila, I thought of doing a tiny essential haul. How come? I am not carrying some of the things which can be purchased everywhere, like, a nail polish remover, nail polishes and the like. So, here's m tiny essentials purchase. There are quite a few more products, but then I got lazy trying to find a place to shoot. But, on a better note, apart from the Indian brands, I would be also featuring international brands and I am excited!

Beauty haul from Manila
The tiny Haul for a start

So, here's the tiny one.

Caronia Nail Polish Remover: It's a huge bottle and hopefully would last me ages.

Essence, the Gel Nail Polish: I am smitten by the red and reds always revive my complexion.

NYX Butter Lipstick: Yipppie! There are NYX counters here! And even though those are not extremely well stocked, deals are good.

makeup from SM Beauty Section
The eye candies

Nichido Final Powder: I have always been curious about Nichido. On seeing that this comes for about P150 ( 200 INR approx.), I had to pick it up. Besides, I prefer fixing my foundation with loose powders.

Tony Moly Liquid Eye Liner: I had run out of Liquid eye liners and I NEEDED one. This one was the only one in brush format ( which I prefer) and so, this made way into my stash.

Argan Oil hair oil by Naturals ( Watsons brand) : We were in a hurry. So, on seeing it has certified argan oil, I ppicked it up. On returning home I saw that the majr proportion is mineral oil which does not work for me. I am not aware of the return policies of Watsons in the Philippines. So, I guess I would manage to use it up.

So, here's more or less what I got in my first haul. I have to keep things in check because I already brought over a lot of things and really need to downsize.

Anything caught your fancy here?

Until the next post,



  1. curious abt Essence, the Gel Nail Polish

  2. Eager to see the Nyx lippie shade...tiny yet very interesting haul...enjoyed reading...:-)

  3. Would love to see the nail polish as well as the lipstick on you :)


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