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My Bulletproof Foundation Game: Tried and tested tips and tricks Part 1

Tips for perfect foundation application, etc.
In my almost every photo put up here or on my Instagram page  @Niveditanb, I have received such kind comments on how my skin looks flawless. Every time I remarked it was my foundation game and not my skin. Ladies actually argued that unless you have a good canvas, you can't have a good painting going on. True. If you already have great skin, the makeup would go on perfectly. But, if I DID have good skin, I would run around may be in just BB Cream or something less because I really don't always feel like working on the base so meticulously. I wish your suspicions were true.

how to apply foundation perfectly
My arsenal for any day

I wish I were lying about not having a great skin. But, since it's not the case and I have always grown up to comments about my skin (and since I am genetically prone to bad skin), I started figuring out the best trick... covering with makeup.

Well, my tricks are not very complex. Those are rather easy if you read.

What to do for perfect base makeup?

Cleansing-toning-moisturizing: I always start with this because not only it keeps germs from getting stuck, I like a clean face before I start abusing it. Moreover, while doing this, it also cleans my hands and the cleaner my hands are, lesser are the chances of contaminated liquid or cream products.

Under eyes: My under eyes are extremely dry. So, I always ensure to moisturize that part well.

Primer: I do not use primers regularly. I was using one mattifying primer from The Body Shop which I liked. Don't know why it did not receive much attention and now the brand has withdrawn it. The other primer is also from The Body Shop. It's The Drops of Youth  Wonderblur Primer and I love it. I also use it around my eyes. But it's pricey. I don't mind because I need just a little bit and the tube is still 3/4th full. It blurs out the pores instantly and mattifies and makes the foundation application a breeze. I hear the cheaper ( comparatively) Instablur also functions in the same way. While I have not tried a cart load of primers, I still have found mine and I am happy.

inexpensive makeup brush
Love each of these, clearly!

Brushes: Invest in brushes. By 'investment' I do not mean you HAVE to buy MAC and Sigma brushes. I don't have the kind of money, nor am I that big to be sent in all those brushes. BUT, there are cheaper alternatives. I got my sets of brushes from buyincoins.com The same kind are now also available on sites like Flipkart and Amazon. Since I have a couple of Sigma brushes, I can tell that those brushes are 99% similar and comes at a fraction of the price. Ten brush bundle in the price range of 600 to 900 is not a bad deal, especially, how high brushes in India cost. ( I  wouldn't call these brushes dupes because just because they are the same kind doesn't mean they are dupes. Sigma and MAC have similar brushes. Do we call them dupes?)

Over a few years, I collected quite a few kabuki brushes, flat paddle foundation brushes, etc. So, I always have them at my disposal.

If you can afford the high end brushes, you are lucky and go for it. If you can't and like me who can't do with one set of brushes go for what I asked.

I also go for synthetic bristles. Not only they are cruelty-free, they wouldn't attract bugs ( natural hair ones may get attacked by carpet bugs), those would be easier to clean as well as dry.

Foundation colour: Here is the tricky part. First of all, a good shade match is definitely must. I always buy the wrong shade of foundaiton. But I do not worry. I mix shades and get the right one because as such, my skin colour keeps changing. One shade of foundation is never going to work for me.

Foundation texture: You need to figure out which texture works the best for you. I prefer my Kryolan Dermacolor Camouflage cream which is quite pigmented and can be a mess if you do not know how to make it work. I use two shades.

I also prefer liquid foundations because they feel good on my skin. Even though I have oily skin, powder foundations, unlike what the glossy magazines recommend, can never work for me because, they would get cakey and I cannot get the kind of coverage I want out of my foundation.

I choose the texture depending on how my skin feels on that day and also on how much coverage I want.

Color correction: Not all of us are pro. Color correction may not be necessary for all of us. Moreover, unless you are a celebrity ( in which case you would have a MUA for yourself and won't be reading this post), you don't want layers and layers of makeup. (a separate post coming up). But, for problem areas, something close like color correction can help. What do I mean?

Since my under eyes are dark, using a concealer of the color of my face does not always help. I use Kryolan D5 which has peachy-orange tone under my eyes and in the corner of my mouth and then go over with my foundation or any other concealer on top and it turns flawless.

Since it's not true-blood corrector, in case I want, I can get away with it just like that without anything on top either. It's way easier to handle.

Foundation and brush: You need to keep working and figure out which foundation works good with what. Some work best with flat topped kabukis, some with paddles, some with fingers.

Duration: You may want to pick your foundation depending on how long you are planning to keep it on. For shorter events, I prefer using those easier to remove. For longer ones, I would work harder.

Blending: You would know blending is key. Keep blending. Step back from the mirror. Go to different lights in your house and see how the skin looks.

I have quite a few tips and tricks for blending. (If you are not tired or bored,wait for my next post because this post is becoming too long to remain interesting.)


  1. Nice post Nivedita. And it's absolutely from your heart. I barely do any makeup but yes sometimes the same products don't work. Even skincare products don't work the same way. Awaiting the next post :)

    BTW does the arguing ladies list include me :D

  2. Loved the post! Looking forward to the next one!
    How do you use the Camouflage cream as a foundation? I have it, but I only use it for covering blemishes.


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