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Project Pan of September, 2016: New + Old Luscious Cosmetics, Illamsqua.

Project Pan of September,2016: Eye shadows.

I have been doing project pans for some time now.  I try  doing my empties, monthly favorites and project pan update posts ( this one on my Instagram page ) regularly. While moving, I let go of My Makeup Academy Palettes because

  • 1> They were irritating my eyes. 
  • 2> They were not as good quality as some of my other palettes in hand. I realized, in m drive to hit pan, I was using the not-so-deserving palettes and letting my better palettes rest.
  • 3> I had hit pan on quite a few colors. So, for what it's worth, I let go.
Luscious I Love Eye Shadow Palette in Glam Night
Luscious I Love Eye Shadow Palette in Glam Night

Instead, I have a new project. I had been extremely happy with my Luscious I Love Eye Shadow Palette in Glam Night. I love how versatile and wearable the colors are and the shadows are good
quality to. So, I decided to pull it out for everyday wear. Not that I have been using it regularly, but still, I am trying to,

Luscious I Love Eye Shadow Palette in Glam Night
Luscious I Love Eye Shadow Palette in Glam Night

 Here's the progress so far. I have made a huge dent on the shimmery brown on second top left and I hope to see pan by next month. By the way, the cranberry and deep brown in this palette are beautiful too. I have worn those for occasional glam and on  my eyes they add some intensity without being over-the-top which I love. May be around fall, I could try wearing those more?
Luscious I Love Eye Shadow Palette in Glam Night
Luscious I Love Eye Shadow Palette in Glam Night: How pretty is this?

 No, I have not given up completely on my older list. My Illamasqua Vernau is still on the list and I use it almost everyday for my crease. If I want a quick look, I use it on m crease and add a light wash of some color, liner and go.
Luscious I Love Eye Shadow Palette in Glam Night, Illamasqua Vernau
The revised project

If you compare it to what you saw in March on Instagram and on this space here, you would see, I am making consistent progress. Given the fact how little I need it, even at this rate, I don't see it being completely used up in the next four months and useful as it is, I wouldn't regret that either. But who knows?

So, this is the new project pan. I would be updating my progress again when feasible. You can pan with me too. You can share your post on Instagram and tag me, or mention me or whatever you like. I find this not only fun, but by this, I am able to make myself use products more.

Hope you enjoyed this.



  1. Great progress! You always inspire me to get down to actually using things! I don't think I have ever hit pan on an eyeshadow, since I barely use them...
    That cranberry will make a lovely color for fall surely!

  2. Bravo!! Coming from the similar school of thought of using before hoarding,I love such posts of yours!


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