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My Bulletproof Foundation Game: Blending, Setting, Baking, tried and tested.

My tried and tested tips and tricks for foundation, blending, application, setting,etc.

So, this is a continuation of the earlier post I did on my foundation routine(?). I promised to share some blending tips and tricks. Without much ado, here it is

  1. 1. Using the right brush: Some foundation work the best with kabukis, some with paddle brush, some sponges ( I can't manage sponges btw), while some work the best with fingers.
  2. 2. If I am working with a dense brush or a thick foundation, I mildly dampen the brush. I pour just a drop of water on my palm and swish the brush. This way, the brush would not soak up the product. Neither would the thick foundation stick to the bristles. This would also ensure easier application because you wouldn't be dragging the brush around on the skin surface. This means lesser blending time and better blending with minimum wastage of product.
    foundation tips and trcks
    Just for show!
  3. 3. You would know that I have a lot of scars, I have large pores ( which the primer takes care of to a certain extent). So, I need to make sure everything goes very smooth. Instead of picking up the product with a brush, whatever the texture is, I dot foundation all over my face and then start patting or dabbing the product around and then start buffing and blending. That way the product is evenly distributed, gets everywhere and after buffing and blending looks smooth and flawless. 
    affordable brushes
    My collection of mostly affordable brushes
  4. 4. I would take a close and good look in the mirror and ensure that there are no tide marks.
  5. 5. Set the foundation. I prefer loose powders ( ever since I realized how great those are.) Go with finely milled powders which wouldn't look cakey.
  6. 6 .Base. The primer might be the key. While some foundation work the best on primers, some textures ( read Dermaoclor) work great on well moisturized skin. So, depending on the duration of the event (again), you may skip the primer if you feel like.
  7. 7. I don't bake. Baking does not work for me. It brings out even the non-existing fine lines. Instead, I gently pat the skin with the powder and then dust it off after say 20 seconds. That way, it's set, but the skin does not dry out or look patchey.
  8. 8. Nothing stays on my oily skin. I carry a few tissues. Instead of retouching with a compact, I rather blot my face with tissue and if there are creases, I gently pat-blend them.

This is more or less what I have to say about my foundation. I know many of you already know these. But still, these work for me. The small things tend to make a big difference.

I hope you liked this post. This I admit is a comparatively long post after the usual short posts. But still, hope it's worth the pain of going through it.

If you have any tips and tricks or if you learned anything from this post share your tips to enrich me or make my day by letting me know how much you enjoyed.


PS: I would be doing some more posts of base makeup and share my two pence of my experience.


  1. Nice and much needed tips. We know what works for us and what doesn't. Everyone had the tried and tested tips. I will keep these in mind while trying my hands on makeup. Whereas Auravedic Anti Blemish Face Mask has helped me a lot in evening out the blemished skin :)


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