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Himalaya Herbals Orange Peel-off Mask

You must have known what I have been using Himalaya Herbals products for a very long time now and because of that I have also had my fair share of hits and misses. I used to enjoy peel-off masks which my sister used to get me from the UK. So, in India, when I had seen my Himalaya Herbals selling their Almond and Cucumber Peel off face mask I tried it and yes, I hated it!. I always kept hoping that the brand would introduce an orange peel-off because they look and smell good and voila! Coincidentally, my wish came true!
Himalaya Herbals Orange Peel-off Mask
Himalaya Herbals Orange Peel-off Mask

Himalaya Herbals have launched their Tan-removal Orange Peel off Face Pack. It did come in a huge hamper and honestly, I feel really spoiled! I was so excited about this one but well, I am still travelling. But I had to get some kind of idea about this orange pack because well, it's my favourite
brand. ( Sorry, I keep saying this, but it's true.) So, I asked my sister to try it out and let me know so that I can share preliminary feedback on the same.

Price: Rs 130 for 100 gram.

Himalaya Herbals Orange Peel-off Mask
Himalaya Herbals Orange Peel-off Mask

Like most of the peel off packs, it has a gummy-runny texture. It spreads easily on the skin and feels soothing and nice. The scent is pleasant, that of orange, but, on first opening the tube, you might get a hit of some kind of 'oily' scent which goes away in a fraction of a second and does not really affect anything. The best part and the fun part is the peeling. It peels easily and no, unlike the other peel-off pack, this does not hurt or tug. It is rather mild and feels good that way.
Himalaya Herbals Orange Peel-off Mask ingredients
Himalaya Herbals Orange Peel-off Mask: Click on the photo for a good look at the literature at the back

Results of using Himalaya Herbals Orange Peel-off Mask:

It gently gets rid of dry flakes and dead skin leaving the skin visibly brighter and smoother. But  if you have a deep tan going on, don't things to turn around in a single use, but you can expect that in three or four uses. My sister who is herself a very busy mother keeps falling behind her skin routine. She really keeps missing cleaning up her skin or giving some love. The only thing she sometimes might manage is perhaps pull out a little bit of time to slather on a mask while resting and this one is making her life easier that way. 

For her, this pack has given a better solution with the cleaning and brightening part.

For me, I am just waiting to reach home and get hold of another of this tube. Afterall, this is a new launch from Himalaya and I cannot miss it!

What about you? Have you tried Himalaya Herbals Orange Peel-off Mask yet? Are you giving it a thought?

Product by the brand. Honest feedback.


  1. nice review
    before after pics would have been nice
    eager to try after reading this

  2. I would love trying it 😊😊😊 cannot wait for your actual review.


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