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The Body Shop Tea Tree Anti-imperfection Daily Solution for Blemished Skin

The Body Shop Tea Tree Bundle price,Tea tree Serum review, price.

Once I moved to Manila, the change in the climate, my hormone pills, stress, everything made m skin break out horribly. And by that, I cannot just explain how horribly! I had at least 8 break outs on the face. My skin started becoming dull and I could feel bumps underneath the skin surface. True that my skin is acne-prone, but it's been a very long time since I actually 'suffered' like this. I don't know if all those skincare samples were the evil because well, however good a product is, if you are switching products every two days, it can take a toll.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Anti-imperfection Daily Solution
The Body Shop Tea Tree Anti-imperfection Daily Solution: The hero

Since I was carrying a decent portion of my skincare, I didn't want to buy products right away. But, well, I had to. And then The Body Shop came up with its revamped Tea Tree range. On seeing that

they were coming up with serums and oils, I was praying for the launch of something like that in the Tea Tree range and the skincare gods answered to my prayers.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Anti-imperfection Daily Solution
The Body Shop Tea Tree Anti-imperfection Daily Solution

I located a Body Shop Store at Market Market. I wasn't sure if I wanted the serum or the mask or something. I already had a full size Tea Tree Oil with me. But, on entering the store while checking out the products, the SA suggested that there was a promo going on by which I could get the Anti-Blemish Solution, Tea Tree Oil and the 3-in-1 Scrub mask at P1795 and a loyalty card complimentary ( around Rs 2692.5) which would have other wise cost around P 2895 .
 In short, I saved about Rs1000 and P900.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Anti-imperfection Daily Solution
The Body Shop Tea Tree Anti-imperfection Daily Solution

The Tea Tree Anti-Imperfection Daily Solution costs P 1095 ( Rs 1595 in India), Tea Tree Oil P 795 ( Rs 695 in India) and the Scrub Mask which I think costs around P900 and costs Rs 1295 in India.

My experience of The Body Shop Tea Tree Anti-imperfection Daily solution:

The solution feels watery, but a little denser than water. I usually put it on at night after washing my face. At first I tried it just on its own and skipped the serum or night cream. But, my skin felt too dry in the morning. Then I followed it up with the night cream. It yielded slightly better results. But no, my break outs were not gone overnight. 

Later, I also incorporated a serum and the tea tree oil and I think, after continuous usage of around a month now, my break outs are clearing up.

The solution feels mild but very very soothing and calming. I love the sensation and look forward to using it in the night. The scent of tea tree adds to the soothing and calming sensation. I take about four drops on the back of my hand and then start applying. I wait for a minute to let the solution soak up completely before putting on any other product.
The Body Shop Tea Tree Anti-imperfection Daily Solution
The Body Shop Tea Tree Anti-imperfection Daily Solution

The quantity is good. Given that even after daily use the fluid level has gone down sparsely by about 10%, I presume this is going to last me for a decent while. The dropper is definitely an added advantage.

Result: As I had mentioned, I have been taking hormone pills which made my skin break out crazily. The solution is not extremely strong and after a few days, it started gently drying out the break outs. That is, it works, but it is not harsh. It works slowly and steadily.

After a month, the redness of the scars have definitely reduced and the bouts of break outs have reduced too.

Above all, the calming properties add to my satisfaction.


  1. I like the calming and soothing properties.
  2. I like the fact that it does not dry out blemishes overnight, but gently starts clearing away.
  3. The scent of Tea Tree is discernible.
  4. I don't need to much for my entire face and I don't use it with a miserly hand either.
  5. Comes in a convenient dropper bottle.
  6. Beautiful packaging.
  7. 50 ml is good quantity and given it's The Body Shop, the price is comparatively affordable.


Do I recommend? Yes. I do. If you have acne prone skin and want something mild and yet effective, this could be for you.

Shall I repurchase? I am definitely buying again.

Have you tried anything from the Tea Tree Range before? What do you think of this solution?


  1. I have been using this serum and I'm very happy with its result. It's a fantastic product for all skin types. <3

  2. I love the TBS tea tree range. I've got to give this a try.

  3. wonderful-sounds so tempting I'll go for it too :)


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