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Beauty Resolution of 2017: Project Pan

With new year, everyone is making their resolutions. While I don't really make much of resolutions because ultimately we tend to go off the grid, I have one beauty related resolution -- Project Pan!

Project Pan 2017
My humble list for panning

I have been doing empties posts every now and then, but while skincare products are still easy to finish up, makeup takes a million years! I have decided to set realistic goals here. I would be
consistent in my use of certain products which does mean I won't be using anything else. But, it's just that I would use these products more and try finishing those faster.

Here's my list:

MAC Ruby Woo
Project Pan 2017

MAC Ruby Woo: 
This Lipstick is something I LOVE LOVE LOVE! But show one person who doesn't love it. But then, I don't like how it feels on my lips. Even then, I use it a lot which is evident from the size. Even though I have lost the count of red lipsticks I own, that this one gets so much of love definitely makes sense, right?

L'Oreal Magique Lucent Blush: This one is my go to blush. Since I don't do highlight, contour, blush and everything in one go, I like a little bit of sheen in my blush. The color looks rather natural on my skin tone and works well with both warm and cool toned lipsticks.

Luscious Cosmetics Palette
One shadow already down!

Luscious Cosmetics Eye Shadow Palette: I love this palette. I have already used up the light brown; then got a bit bored and switched to the ELF Palette. But I love the reddish cranberry colours in the palette and I am so so enjoying those two! I also use the pale beige for my brow bone which looks very natural on me.

ELF Flawless Eye Shadow Palette
ELF Flawless Eye Shadow Palette

ELF Flawless Eye Shadow Quad:
I had this ELF palette for over a year now and even though I love it, it's only recently that I am making effective use of it. The rate at which I am using, I thought I should be incorporating this. Besides, the colors are beautiful, glamorous, yet perfect for everyday wear.
Illamasqua Vernau
It's like P.C. Sorcar's Water of India! Refuses to be finished!

Illamasqua Vernau: I have been trying to use this up since last March and have been occasionally updating on my Instagram page. Here's  where I stand now. The pan has definitely grown bigger. But, frankly I am surprised by the fact even though I use it a lot, it's nowhere near getting exhausted soon.

Rimmel Stay Matte Compact
Rimmel Stay Matte Compact

Rimmel Stay Matte Compact Powder: I had completely used up one before. But these days, I am not using much of compacts mostly because
I don't do much of touch ups.
I find loose powders better for setting my base.

But yes, I would be using up this one (hopefully).

So, this is more or less what I have in my list. I am surely also going to post other empties. I plan to be more consistent this year.


  1. I guess my beauty realted one would be sticking to my skincare routine, even on days when I am busy and tired. I have been consistent over the past couple of months so will be continuing with that.
    Makeup wise, I really have to cut down on impulsive buying (esp similar products!)

    1. Because of my skin, my skincare has become non-optional. About makeup, 'Hello friend!'. We are on the same team.

  2. I have some unused/less used makeup that I need to finish. Hope I do that by the end of year. That's an inspiring idea of yours :)

    1. You can try doing a 'shop my stash' and get more uses out of those. I tried and umm... it kind of worked.


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