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Current Makeup and Beauty Scenario: Techniques, habits, what I do and don't anymore.

Over the last one eight or nine months, my makeup scenario has changed. I have been blogging less, but using more makeup and everything. May be my procrastination is at its heights. However, I had mentioned earlier that because of stress ( practically over nothing) got my hormones going berserk and if you follow me on Instagram ( which you should because I post frequently over there), you would know my skin had gone crazy.

I am consulting my dermatologist and the treatment which should have taken care of my skin in  a month had to be extended by at least three months now because my skin seems to be so stubborn that even oral medication is slow to bring in any significant change. However, recently, things are turning round.

makeup tips
Yes, I am using most of these

Initially, in order to get rid of the acne and the painful infections, I think I was over-washing which did not help. Even though I am using a very drying facewash in conjunction to the regular ones, the scrubbing and rubbing is minimal now.

Because of the embarrassing angry red pimples, foundations were becoming non-optional. Recently,
unless it's a special occasion, I mostly stick of a little bit of concealer and powder for base. I deliberately do this to feel more easy in my own skin and yes, I do get a lot of stupid comments, " Oh, you have a pimple!", "Oh dear! You have so many red pimples!" and yes, these days, I have also got nasty I think. Earlier I did not respond of such comments,  now I would say things with an amused veneer, " Good you told me! I never noticed since it's on my face!" or "Oh really? You have never seen a pimple before?" or something which would good enough to shut them up. For a person like me who is always careful not to hurt people's feelings, it's difficult, but nevertheless, it's necessary.

Simplified skincare routine. Along with basic CTM, I also try using facial masks almost everyday. Honestly, that helps. Once or twice a week is no bueno for me.

beauty tips tried and tested
How pretty are they?

Hot Compress! I had about four infected acne on my face and boy, it WAS paintful! One day, to relieve my sinuses, I was steaming my face and followed up by doing hot compress which also soothes my dry eyes. It felt good on my skin. After two or three days of compresses, the huge cysts started bursting and clearing out! Ever since, I am trying hot compresses for the entire face every now and then and it helps big time.

My eye shadow game has changed. I never saw the point of using more than three shadows in maximum and was always baffled by the YouTube gurus preaching the uses of million of shadows in one eye makeup tutorial. Unless you are going to be an eye makeup model for a glossy magazine, I don't see the point. Besides, for hooded eyes like mine or unless one had big eyes with plenty of lid space, all the effort does not show up either. Ask Mickey Contractor he would say the same. Look at the UK or US fashion magazines like Marie Claire or Cosmopolitan, the makeup artists would also suggest simple steps.

These days, I would mostly use one eye shadow blended thoroughly on the edges and in the crease and slightly beyond that for dimension. On special days, may be I would use a crease colour for extra definition and something in the outer corner or inner corner. Otherwise, it's one shadow and liner may be.

I have given up on the beat face with countour or blush or highlighter all in one go. Going by Mickey's suggestion, I keep that minimal too.

And yes, the above is taking me to a happier place makeup wise and skincare wise.

In another post, I would share my current skincare routine with you.

Until then, Xoxo.


  1. "I have also got nasty I think....." happens to me too - only so much we can take

    "...million of shadows in one eye makeup tutorial.... Unless you are going to be an eye makeup model for a glossy magazine...." Agree fully

    Let us know ho w the Nivea toner & Jeju gel fared

  2. I agree to everything you've said here. Minimal eyeshadow is the key!

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  4. While I don't see myself cutting on makeup anytime soon, I have become very careful with my skincare routine. Although it's always been minimal, I have also reduced the frequency of trying new products. I'm intrigued by the hot compress method, need to give it a go.

    And the reaction with those stupid questions :P It's the same with me. My patience level has gone down over the last few years. The fact that I am socially awkward also doesn't help much.

    You're on point with that eyeshadow comment. Even I have used 5 eyeshadows for some looks but that happens once in a blue moon. I don't even wear it on an everyday basis. Touching up eyeliner is a whole job on my super oily eyelids. I can't even imagine going through the struggle of fixing eyeshadow in my daily makeup routine.

    I'm tired of seeing people putting lots of powder on their under eye area, swiping concealer in a triangular shape which is 10 times lighter than their skin tone, highlighing like crazy and calling it everyday makeup.

    Love this post! It's so genuine!


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