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Moroccanoil Treatment Oil

Ever since my first hair spa with Moroccanoil, I have been extremely impressed with the products. Out of that impression, ever since, I have been using Moroccanoil for my dry hair. It has been almost a year since I have been using.
Moroccanoil Treatment Oil
Moroccanoil Treatment Oil

Moroccanoil Treatment oil for my hair and I think one year is good for a review, isn't it?

I have used both the regular one and the lighter one in samples which last me for about 8 months. ( I
showed a few on my Instagram page. Follow if you already don't.)


Moroccanoil Treatment Oil review
Moroccanoil Treatment Oil

My Experience of Moroccanoil Treatment:

Moroccanoil Treatment Oil ingredients
Moroccanoil Treatment Oil

I admit that the hair spas last only till a few more washes. So, frustrated with my dry hair, I wanted to go for something which would take care of my hair everyday and may be do something good in the long run. I also did not want to go with regular lotions and potions and instead wanted something oil-like which would be absorbed to make things better for me.

The Moroccanoil Treatment oil is an amber coloured dense and very smooth oil. On first trying it out, because of the density, I thought it would make the hair sticky. 

Moroccanoil Treatment Oil texture
Moroccanoil Treatment Oil: Colour and texture

Wrong! It goes over beautifully and gets absorbed in no time leaving the hair soft and shiny.

Moroccanoil Treatment Oil
Moroccanoil Treatment Oil

Recently, I have cut down on blow dries, but I cannot say that it is completely out of my life... it never can be for various reasons. But, what I have noticed is that, even though my hair is still dry, on regular usage, my hair looks and feels less dry, there are very less split ends from dryness, the hair is less frizzy and overall looks and feels beautiful. At least, after around one year of use, I can definitely vouch that once I trimmed off the pre-existing split ends, 90% of the split ends have not come back which is something huge for me.

The treatment oil also cuts down the drying time - both blow dry and air dry and that is a major advantage for me.
Moroccanoil Treatment Oil
Moroccanoil Treatment Oil

Another thing I must mention, it has a strong scent which some people may not like. But I love that scent and every time I apply, I would keep sniffing it on the palm before rubbing it through my hair.

The price of this is a killer though. Rs 2655 is no joke and I am sure I am going to cry when I purchase it. Nevertheless, I need only one pump which dispenses about a small hazelnut size amount and is going to last at least 7 months if you use it thrice a week or may be six months if used everyday.

One warning though... do not use it near the roots or the scalp. It would be too heavy and might cause hair fall instead.

As for me, by this time you must have realized that I am gaga over this oil which addresses my hair woes and even though it is pricey, I am certain that I am going to repurchase it.

Have you used any product my Moroccanoil? What is opinion on this? Please share your thoughts with me.

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