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Nichido Bare Basic Palette : That perfect palette I was looking for.

Ever since I started travelling, having access to a lot more variety of makeup, I started exploring the lesser raved brands as well. Good thing I did because I wouldn't have come across Nichido Bare Basic Palette in that case.

Nichido Bare Basic Palette
Nichido Bare Basic Palette

Ever since I tried their Loose Powder ( review really soon), I fell in love with the brand. Nichido offers a wide variety, a really wide category of good quality of makeup and makeup tools at very
affordable price range. I don't know what has come over me, I am almost over my colorful eye shadow phase, chiefly because, I mostly wear neutrals and those definitely get more love. In my drive of utilizing what I already have, I decided that it is good to have one of two colorful palettes. otherwise, neutrals is the way to go.

Nichido Bare Basic Palette
Nichido Bare Basic Palette

Alright, I am rambling again! Anyway, when I saw this palette on the rack, it looked like a perfect palette for me mostly because the four eye shadows are exactly the kind I would wear everyday. Those are mildly shimmery, rather satin which I can just wash all over my lids. There are two blushes, one pink and one coral which can fit either your warm or cool overall look. Above all, the eye shadows work with both the cheek colors. There's an eye shadow sponge which I still appreciate because, I still occasionally use the sponges as they layer up colours really well.

Nichido Bare Basic Palette
Nichido Bare Basic Palette

There is a good quality of mirror inside the lid and the complete list of ingredients is there.
There is another variant with one blusher and one yellowish highligher which was out of stock. But the quality of the highlighter was wonderful too!

Nichido Bare Basic Palette Swatches
Nichido Bare Basic Palette: Swatches

I am surprised by the quality of the product. The eye shadows are really soft and pigmented. On my skintone, they really show up in their true colours and blend beautifully. I am not sure about the staying power as these days, I don't stay out for more than four or five hours and by the time I get home, the shadows stay put fit and fine. ( I always wear some kind of base underneath though).

Nichido Bare Basic Palette
Nichido Bare Basic Palette

The cheek colours are also nice, but less soft than the eye colours which is something I prefer because if it is too soft, there's the risk of picking too much in one go. The blushers are also quite blendable and long lasting.

Overall, for PHP 138 or around 200 INR, I cannot think of any better thing. I got way more than I bargained for.

I would say, if you ever happen to locate this Bare Basic Palette from Nichido, don't think, grab and go!

Yes, I mean it. Don't miss it.


  1. Sometimes underrated makeup products work like a charm like this one. Great review :)


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