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February-March 2017 Empties. Using up religiously!

I had missed doing a February Empties post mostly because I have been travelling again. So, I thought of combining February-March in one and this turned out huge! It definitely turned out better than I imagined. On the same note, I think I would be sharing a makeup post showing my currently most used lipsticks and how much I have used up. But no, I am still not stringent enough to go 2:1 empties. I am just trying to use up everything I have.

February-March 2017 Empties
February-March 2017 Empties

Anyway, here is the list along with the links of the products reviewed before.

First and foremost

February-March 2017 Empties
February-March 2017 Empties

1: Nivea Mattifying toner: I haved loved this toner and wanted to go back. But after using it, I have come across something which I am liking even better. So, this is a good toner, but may not repurchase because I have come across something even better.

2: Rimmel Stay Matte Powder: Loved the formula, but the shade match is difficult. So,  no more.

3:The Body Shop Warming Mineral Mask: Love the warming effect which is so relaxing. But the fact that it did not do anytihing noticeable to my skin, doesn't give me reasons to repurchase.

4:Hedonista Face Souffle Mask: It deserves a separate review, but no, never going to purchase it.

5:Two samples from MEB: Had these too long, so throwing away. What a waste!

The BIG Bottles!

February-March 2017 Empties
February-March 2017 Empties

6:Kama Ayurveda Brigandi Hair Oil: It's my universal cure for any hair woe. From dandruff to seborrheic dermatitis, hair fall to dryness, it helps with everything and I am sad that I used it up. I am so repurchasing this one!

 7: Watsons Mafura Oil Body Lotion: It's cheap, it's huge, it's good as a foot lotion. PHP 150 ( approx) is not a bad deal.

8 Watsons Brand Cocoa Butter Body Lotion: Same as above.

9: Fiama di Wills Body Wash with Peach and Avocado: You may have read my earlier reviews that I love Fiama Body Washes. This one also lived up to the expectation.

10: Tresemme Smooth & Shine Shampoo:  I loved this one. I am looking forward to repurchasing this. Read the full review.

February-March 2017 Empties
February-March 2017 Empties

11: Glam Works Body Wax Strips: This is also a local brand in the Philippines. It does not perform as good as Veet, but still makes do and is cheaper at around PHP 200.

12: VWash: I love the hygiene wipes when I am travelling. In India we need more brands coming up with these.

February-March 2017 Empties
February-March 2017 Empties

13: Miscellaneous Hotel Toiletteries: Who isn't a sucker for these? The puriti ones are surprisingly good. The others are surprisingly bad. Period.

14: Vanavidhi Shampoo and Body Wash: The shampoo was no good. The body wash was just alright.

15: Kama Brigandi Sample: I am glad that the store had thoughtfully given me the tiny samples.

16: Watsons Body Wash from a kit: I like using body washes in summer. Period.

So, here goes my empties of February-March: Do add yours too.

Until then, xoxo.