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Beauty Empties of May 2017 is here!

Like I decided to be consistent with my skincare, I have also become pretty consistent with using up my stuff. April -May has been successful in the sense, I am able to re-evaluate some products I consistently used and loved and now I have a view.

I would be doing detailed reviews of some of the products though.

beauty empties of May 2017
5 beauties which I love!

1. The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil: Although, I wouldn't call it a 'miracle' product, I believe it works. It relieves my breakouts to a large degree and soothes the pain of the pimples. I am currently on my
second bottle. Though I might not repurchase the third time ( not sure), I am glad that I got it.

2. The Body Shop Anti-Imperfection Solution: Feels good, effective to a certain degree ( not unless you have issues like mine which even proper medication was slow to tackle). I used it religiously and loved the way it soothed down everything.

may empty 2017
Project Empties 2017

3: The Face Shop Jeju Aloe Gel:   ( In the photo  it's housing my VLCC Facial Kit).This one is my absolute favorite and currently I am on my second tub and I already have two more back ups. I also got two more for my family. It is one of the other products I am regularly using.

project empties 2017

4. Maybelline Brow Fashion Duo: I jumped into the band wagon a little late and even though I never reviewed it, it is one of the must haves in my kit. No wonder Emily Noel always raves about it. I would be reviewing soon.

Maybelline Satin Skin Two-way cake:  It's almost used up. I don't really like it much. But, in summer, sometime I am using it on top on my concealer or just on its own. It provides light coverage which I like. But, what I see is that, it does not sit that well on the skin. When my skin is dry, it just stays like that. If my skin is oily, it disintegrates.  No bueno!

Kama Brigandi Hair Oil The full size is exhausted. But luckily, I have a couple of sample sizes which is backing me up for now. This is a must must have for me.

7. Pond's Anti-acne Toner: This one needs a special feature. I am on my second bottle.

That's all with my beauty empties of April 2017 ladies! Hope you enjoyed it. Do let me know what is working for you and what you are finishing up fast!



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  2. Even I didn't know what all the hoopla was abt Maybelline Satin Skin Two-way cake - bought it found it to be just okay - not re-buying

  3. Love the post. Never knew Ponds had Anti-acne Toner 😣😣

  4. Love the kama oil myself :) and I'm big fan of the tea tree oil, even though I know it's expensive. I've bought countless bottles by now.
    Have been a silent reader of your blog for years but felt like a comment was due! :)
    Your post on the oils was great and trying out several combinations to hit my sweet spot too... Somehow I keep coming back to kama kumKumaḍi... Nothing else has worked so well and across seasons that too.
    Keep up the good job with your blog, it's a refreshingly honest one :)

  5. I love Kama Bringadi oil. And the maybelline fashion brow duo, best budget eyebrow product there is!


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