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Oils for facial use and how I made my down facial oil which works| My experience Part 1

During my nightmare skin time, I was badly searching and trying on all kind of skin products. Medication was not helping much ( I would still always suggest consulting a dermatologist) because my problem was also internal ( extreme hormonal imbalance) and over the counter stuff was also not of much help. My skin was drying out from inside, yet, acne was just all over. To put it grossly, I felt my cheeks looked like rotten!
I wanted to go with something different and while looking for alternative remedies, I gave a second look to the oils. Mark, this is 'alternative' and not a substitute for medication and is my exclusive personal experience. So, this may not work for you as well.
facial oil for acne
My arsenal of facial oils

I just want to share my two pence and would strongly suggest that you read between the lines so that you can understand how things work so that you don't make the same kind of mistakes like I did and
may be able to figure out what works. I am going to explain how I went about that as well.

Coconut Oil: No go!

I had always been a fan of coconut oil, but I noticed every time I used it on my face, my skin would break out from nowhere. Yet, on the internet, people were claiming miraculous effects of coconut oil for acne. After trying that for a certain time, I knew it wasn't meant to be and then I found there were also plenty who complained about worsening situation. Then, trying to research, I found that on a comedogenic scale of 0 to 5, coconut oil is rated 4! Which is, it is highly comedogenic.

I have been doing things wrong! Wrong, wrong, wrong! I immediately removed coconut oil from my haircare ( it can get transferred to the skin and break out) and got hold of grapeseed oil ( cooking oil ) for hair massage.

I kept reading up for sometime and found many saying castor oil was drying for their skin. That's a good news for oily skin right? Castor oil is rated 0 to 1 out of 5.
BUT, I also found some complaining that it gave them acne.

castor oil for acne
Castor oils

Castor oil for my dreadful acne:
This time I went to India and got hold of Dabur's Castor oil. I got the smallest size thinking if it does not work for skin, I can still use it for scalp massage. So, no loss. I had used castor oil on my hair before and found it too sticky. Since, I had no adverse reaction, I knew it wasn't going to do me harm. Besides, Dabur is a brand I usually trust. So, instead of looking high and low about 'organic', etc. etc. stuff, seeing that it was food grade, I went ahead. As such I had too much of the ugly pimples. So, nothing to lose here.

I don't prefer testing products on the insides of the hands. I never get acne or pimples there. So, it's not going to be a comprehensive conclusion.

After so much of dilemma, I put a tiny bit of the castor oil on a big painful pimple on my chin and went to bed.
On the next day, nothing happened; not anything worse. I put it on again in the night and then, on the next day, the pimple shrunk and as I was steaming my face, it popped on its own! Since, I used nothing else on the region, I knew, this was it!

Wait for the next post for my formula which I am using for the last two months.


  1. Even I loved coconut oil and later on got to know about its comedogenic rating 😁

    1. I still love it for my body. But now I know why every time I used it on my face, I had such humongous pimples.

  2. never abt the comedogenic scale - so I got to learn something new
    also googled 'grape seed oil' and leant abt it's benefits
    seriously , even I feel testing something on your wrist/hand does not work as my skin too is horribly dry/damaged frm the inside and ugly pimples on the outside and my hand is not the same

  3. This is pure informative posts..the kinds I love..I have dry skin, suggest the oils apt for facial use no!


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