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Facial oil for my oily-acne prone skin: Part 2 - My Mix

So, here is the continuation of my earlier post on how I made my own facial oil which is working amazing for me! In case you missed the first one, I strongly suggest that you read that one for a better understanding of how it works.

Sweet almond oil
Wish I knew the benefits earlier
Sweet Almond Oil:
I had a tiny bottle of Rogan Shirin Badam Oil which I intended to use for my hair. It was lying around just like that. Seeing that Sweet Almond oil is also almost non-comedogenic, I was feeling

Pure inexpensive tea tree oil india
Nefertem did save me. It's inexpensive, but great.

1.The first oil mix:

I got some castor oil and put some drops of Nefertem Tea Tree Oil from Rainbow shop, I had with me. But the texture felt too thick to go on the skin. Besides, too thick oil on the skin would feel uncomfortable. So, I mixed a little of the Rogan Shireen Sweet Almond oil into the skin which seemed to take care of the texture.

I started using this mixture and there was only slight improvement. I was delighted, because instead of worsening, or anything, for the first time, something worked even though slowly!

2. The second facial oil mix: 

Now comes the second mix.. During one of our walks, I came across this Filippino brand called Naoe. It's a very small brand which rotates its pop-up stores across Manila. I saw they had quite a good selection at affordable rates. But, what caught my eyes this Neem oil and sunflower oil. 

Naoe ph Neem oil
I am just too happy that I came across this brand.

i ) Neem Oil
The Neem oil is expensive, but well, neem oils in general I guess are. But the price wasn't unreasonable. As such I was looking for neem oil.

Naoe ph
During an evening walk, I met her again!

Berg, the owner of Naoe ( one of the sweetest persons I met) said that the recommended percentage of neem oil should not be more than 15-20%. So far so good.
DIY facial oil for oily skin
Being a hoarder helped. The glass bottle came handy.

I put about three or four pumps of it into my oil cocktail and a few more drops of tea tree oil because I NEEDED something stronger ( remember even oral pills were not helping a lot). 

BANG! Yes, this is my oil! I have been using this facial oil even in this Manila heat for the last one and half months. My acne has almost cleared up and this oil forms a major part of my skincare routine. ( sharing the regime soon.)

The percetange of oils I finally used in around 30 ml  ( approximately): 

Castor Oil 60 % 
Neem oil 25 %
Sweet almond 15%
Tea Tree Essential Oil 25 drops approx.


Ever since I started using, my skin doesn't feel too oily on the surface or dry from the inside ( if you know what I mean). The deep seated acne is also slowly vanishing and is mostly gone. I still get occasional break outs, but given what I had earlier, things are way better.

Usage: I use it in the night as a moisturizer. I no longer even use an eye cream. Just four to five drops maximum which I dot/smear all over my face and neck and keep patting with my palm to spread it evenly.

MUST BE CAREFUL: DO NOT 'rub' this oil on the skin. Since the quantity used is not huge, the friction from rubbing can lead to breakouts. ( I learnt it from experience). Do pat gently on the skin.

Note: Oils can be still tricky on the skin and I have a simple regime to prevent clogging of pores ( I can never be too careful) which I would be sharing shortly.

I am so happy with my skincare and so obsessed with NaoePH because of the array of products they have made accessible to where I live. I have already got a lot of stuff and I think, skincarewise I am a bit sorted now.

I hope this post helps you if you are struggling like me. I also hope you know how to go about finding the right mix for yourself. BUT, let me always stress, this is just a trial and error route and I would never say that instead of consulting a doctor you should do this. I tried this as a desperate resort and since this is not medical science, it can not be a replacement.

Stay tuned for my skincare regime post.



  1. Yayyy, I was waiting for this post. Glad that your acne have finally started clearing. I also found out Cold pressed Neem oil from juicy chemistry. I hope to use it. Thank you for the facial oil formula ❤️❤️😘😘

    1. You're welcome dear. I hope this works for you too. As for myself, I don't think I am going to switch to anything for at least six months now. I would love to check out Juicy Chemistry.

  2. I so agree Nivs..Oils do wonderful things to the skin. Being dry skinned I've managed to have a decent skin only because my own pocket friendly concoction in which I twist the ingredients every now and then!
    Great Post!!!


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