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Ever Bilena Liquid Concealer: Medium

I have always been fond of drugstore makeup and I am still now. In Manila, I used to see the brand Ever Bilena everywhere. From grocery store to Watsons, they have their kiosks. Ultimately, figuring out it is a popular local brand, I gathered courage enough to try a few of their products. Honestly, I am surprised. Not only these are cheap, but the products are good in terms of quality, quantity and variety. From concealers to lip stains, the brand caters almost everything! But, when it comes to base makeup, it's a tricky thing. Right?

Ever Bilena Liquid Concealer
Ever Bilena Liquid Concealer

Price: PHP 140 ( 250 INR approx)

Let me tell you something in this context, pin it on seaside vacations every two months, I have turned at least two shades darker; I am also a zebra. So, my earlier base makeup is just a tad bit too light.

My experience with Ever Bilena Liquid Concealer:
There were three shades. Seeing Medium has a strong orange tone to it, I picked it. Since my dark circles need some extra correction and orange tones work wonderfully for me, I thought for everyday when I want to just hide the shadows a little, this could be it.

Ever Bilena Liquid Concealer
Ever Bilena Liquid Concealer

Guess what? That was it! The concealer comes in good quantity. 7 ml for P140 or around 250 INR is a rather good deal. It has a doe foot applicator which makes application easier. The orange tone is just what a need for my undereyes! The beige-orange hides my undereye shadows in a jiffy. 
The texture is not very thick and is rather slightly runny. I apply and let it sit for a few minutes by the time the moisture gets slightly absorbed, I start dabbing and blending. Even though this is not a thick or highly pigmented concealer, it hides the dark circles to a great extent. Enough to give me a fresh look in a matter of seconds.
I always set with powder on top. Like any other product, because of my eye structure, it collects a bit in my lines. But once I press it smooth, it doesn't make any further mess.

Ever Bilena Liquid Concealer Medium swatch
Ever Bilena Liquid Concealer in Medium: Swatch

For the last three months it has been my go to concealer and I used it more than I realized. One day I just found that I had used up about 80%. You know a product is good if you have been reaching out for it constantly without a second thought and this has been the case here.

Ever Bilena Liquid Concealer ingredients
Ever Bilena Liquid Concealer ingredients

Verdict: Ever Bilena Liquid concealer has been my absolute favourite and go to concealer. It hides my dark circles, good for every day use, available everywhere in the Philippines and the easy price point is definitely a bonus.

Shall I repurchase? I would. I am currently using my L'Oreal Trumatch and Maybelline. Once I am done with at least one, I am definitely going back.

Until next time