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Haul of Shame: This has to stop! J.Cat Beauty, Smashbox, The Faceshop, Wet n Wild, Bench, etc.

I had decided to stop hauling. I am kind of bored , yes, that happens to me a lot these days which is a different discussion altogether. But, even though I try keeping things down, I realized, I had ended up with some stuff and I thought of sharing the same with you.
Beauty Haul of 2017 August
That's the haul

Let's begin or I am cluelesss where to begin. Yeah, I am bad, I am bad.

1: The Bench Daily Scent Colognes: Like Pantaloons in India, the Bench is a brand which sells its own stuff including clothes and cosmetics. I found that these colognes smell really good and they are incredibly cheap. I think I paid around 100 PHP ( approx 150 INR) for all three. If you love fragrances, these are so fresh!

2 The Bench Body Mists: I was standing in que and out of curiosity I picked up the Vetiver-Mint and voila! I can't pin it down, but it does smell of something happy from the past. Since these are approximately 150 PHP( Around 300 INR) and smell so good, I picked up one .

On my second one was the green tea. Even though I never smelled something like this in my cups of green tea ( I am an addict), the scent is so lovely! It's neither fruity nor floral , different altogether.

3 Maybelline Powder Matte Touch of Spice: I am going through neutral-natural looking phase. At the same time, I am preferring matte listicks which wouldn't be uncomfortable. I got this one and love!

4 .The Face Shop Lipstick: The lipstick addict in me says, "why are you stuck with mattes? Get something moisturizing for your lips." So, I had to get it.

5. J Cat Beauty Fantabulous Lipstick: These are creamy matte lipstick which is neither dry nor glossy.

6. J Cat Beauty Soft Matte Lip Cooler: A liquid lipstick can feel like dope! So, here I am.

7. The Face Shop Watery Tints: Yeah, love them!

8. Ever Bilena Liquid Lipstick: I didn't expect anything out of this brand. But turns out, they can surprise!
Beauty Haul of 2017 August
Beauty Haul of 2017 August

9. Smashbox Lip laquer: These are so so comfortable! Besides, Beautbar Ph was running a good offer.

10. Smashbox Lipgloss: The color looked nice. Sorry. Had to get it.

11. Maybelline BB Stick: My sister and everyone loves it. I couldn't find my match earlier. Realizing I have turned a lot darker, decided to give this a go. But, bad idea. It still doesn't match me.

12. Yves Rocher: I wanted a pinched pink color. There used to be one from Maybelline which I had completely used up and then the line was discontinued. This one seemed perfect that way.

13: Wet n Wild MegaGlow: Even though my skin is on the oilier side, I love soft glow on my cheeks. Trying to find a good bronzy-subtle blush, this one seemed perfect.

14. Ever Bilena Blusher: Have to check the full name. The shade is a very nice everyday colour.

15. Wet n Wild Lip Liner: Needed a hot pink and Wet n Wild just had the right one for me.

16. L.A. Girl Pro HD Liquid Concealer in Orange: Since my Ever Bilena Liquid Concealer has run out, I need something for color correction under my eyes. This one is an intense orange and incredibly pigmented though.

Thus ends my list of shame. There has been further additions, but well, I would share that later ( after my list of boasting aka empties post).

Until then, Xoxo.


  1. Wow , Maybelline BB Stick ! No such thing here
    Liked the haul a lot <3
    I am a sucker for scents that remind of past pleasant memories too & keep buying such things

    1. Hey, BB Stick is very much available in India. In fact, I had reviewed it before.

  2. Superb haul! The Bench seems like a good brand :)

    1. It is a local brand, but yeah, really nice.

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