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How I clean my makeup brush these days: Cheap and easy.

Hey there. It's been a long time since I posted anything. Honestly, there are several reasons why I keep losing my motivation and then we suffered a huge shock. Anyway, I have been beauty blogging for a long time now. But for some reason I have never talked about how I keep my brushes clean.

Cheap easy brush cleaning
These are not all the brushes I use. ☺

Actually, I have been doing so many things over the years to finally come to a specific method which would be hassle-free. Remember the time when brush-cleaning videos were everywhere on Youtube?
The water-detergent-olive oil method ( which never works for me and would have probably ruined my brushes along with my skin). I have also tried dish-washing liquids which worked well in terms of cleansing to be honest but the few natural hair brushes I own did not look very happy. But, on a better note, I prefer synthetic brushes as I avoid animal hair which can attract bugs ( happened to me), catch more dust, requires more love and well, lasts less long.

how to clean makeup brushes
Don't judge the mess on my basin.

So, how do I clean my brushes these days?

I simply use liquid cloth-washing detergent. Earlier I used my hands. But in Manila, I found brush-egg from local brand and was delighted.

Cheap dupe for brush-egg
Brush-egg from Mine at Watsons

But, I still wasn't happy because even though it largely spared my hands, I felt it was too small ( it's the same size as a regular brush-egg though).

cheap alternative for brush cleaning matt
The silicon mat which is actually a big table matt

Then, one day, while getting some household utilities, I located a ridged silicon mat and I knew at last my brush-cleaning life was easy!

using a brush cleaning matt
The gunk is almost out

What I do these days is simple. Place the silicon mat on one side of the basin letting one end hang freely. In  a mug, soak my brushes not even for a few minutes. Just swirl them once or twice to get them wet. Pump put a little bit of liquid detergent near the middle of the matt and dip my brush in it a keep swirling on the side so that the dirty suds can drip off from the free-hanging side while I  add a little bit more of water and and detergent from the middle as I clean.

Cheap easy brush cleaning
Just filled up a body lotion bottle with Ariel liquid detergent for clothes.

At the end, just was the brushes again in clean water. And lay them out on a piece of towl in a sunny spot.

Cheap easy brush cleaning
Out in the sun they are!

Advantages of my method:

1. They clean almost instantaneously.
2. It's fuss-free.
3. A very quick methos.
4. Cheap. You wouldn't really need too much of detergent. Also, my silicon mat costs are PHP 65 or 100 INR.
5. My hands are spared.

What I can tell you is that, even with dish-washing liquids and all, none of my brushes are damaged. Most of my brushes are pretty old ( Easily 3-5 years or more on average and mostly synthetic) and they are still fine.

So, this is the easiest and cheapest methos of brush-cleaning as I find. What do you do? How do you clean your brushes?




  1. i agree silicone mats takes dirt out of brush very easily! I use sigma glove. it is super easy to use!

  2. I have the brush egg and you're right even though it cleans the brush well,it's too small and makes the whole process tedious. You sold that mat to me btw ;)

  3. That's a good and economical way to clean brushes :)

  4. What an informative piece. Never knew about the detergent-olive oil method. I always use brush cleaning solutions to clean my brushes. I also use solid cleansers.

  5. I use a silicone mat too. They are cheap and really get the job done.


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