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Isadora Eye Primer Review

Sometimes things so become a part of your daily life that after a point of time you stop noticing them anymore. That was the case with me with Isadora Eye Primer. Honestly, I am not very finicky about eye primers. Mostly because I usually do not wear makeup for very long time and also because my lids are not as oily as before, thanks to the Manila weather.

Isadora eye shadow primer
Isadora eye shadow primer

Price ( nelly.com) : 858 INR for 7 ml

My Experience of Isadora Eye Primer:
The eye primer itself is translucent. It does not add cover to pigmentation much, yet it smooths out
the lid area and mutes down the pigmentation hiding veins. 

Isadora eye shadow primer review
Isadora eye shadow primer

The consistency of this primer is on the very thick side and I have to put extra efforts to evenly blend out. Shadows definitely go over better and blending gets easier. It also makes the shadows stay a bit longer. I cannot comment on 24 hours because as I said earlier I don't have the opportunity of wearing for such long time. But, unless it's the sultriest Calcutta summer, the shadows stay put for about 12 hours.

Isadora eye shadow primer swatches
Isadora eye shadow primer: swatch

It has no fragrance I could discern and the brand says it is fragrance-free and is clinically tested. Truly, I never had any issue with this one given I have sensitive eyes now.

Ever since I used Inglot Eye Shadow base, I got hooked onto earthy tones of shadows because with a good base/primer, brown now show up on my eyes beautifully. This is my second eye shadow primer/base and I enjoyed using this primer underneath the shadows.

apart from availability and the slightly high price, I do not have any cribs about Isadora Eye Shadow Primer.

Shall I repurchase? Someday, definitely yes.


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