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Tony Moly Easy Touch Liquid Eye Liner in Black Review

Once I landed in the Philippines, I had 2 problems with my eyeliners.

  •  1 I wanted easily washable eyeliner
  •  2 I also wanted brush-type applicator (I am probably the only person in the history of makeup to prefer brush-type).
Tony Moly Easy Touch Liquid Eye Liner
Tony Moly Easy Touch Liquid Eye Liner

This ultimately led me to Tony Moly Easy Touch Liquid Eyeliner. ( Already used this up and included in my July Empties 2017 post)

My Experience: For Indians used to tons of liquid eyeliners at throwaway price, the liner, for me, was expensive. After almost a year of use, I don't correctly remember the price. But, as far as I can recall it came for around 275 PHP.

Tony Moly Easy Touch Liquid Eye Liner
Tony Moly Easy Touch Liquid Eye Liner

I got the colour black. The brush is nice and thin and draws a very precise and dark line. It sets to a semi-matte finish which is not bad. It does not melt. In fact, the texture is like Maybelline's Hyperglossy liner which sets into a kind of acrylic texture you can just pull off. This one does not completely have such a texture, but washes off in bits and does not dissolve in water.

Tony Moly Easy Touch Liquid Eye Line
Tony Moly Easy Touch Liquid Eye Liner

After using it for a long time and having used up almost the entire bottle, I am still not entirely impressed. 

Tony Moly Easy Touch Liquid Eye Liner swatch
Tony Moly Easy Touch Liquid Eye Liner: Swatch


  1. I did not like the texture.
  2. It faded and wore off at the edges within about three-four hours.
  3. It is priced on the higher side than what I am used to.

For everything that the Tony Moly Easy Touch Eyeliner is, it didn't really impress me. It simply wasn't worth the search.

What black liquid eyeliner with brush applicator have you recently used? Feel free to add your favourites. I might want to give them a try.

Until then,


  1. for the life of me I can't handle a brush liner !
    liked your post
    I somehow ended up with Etude liquid liner & struggle a lot

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