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Current declutter and reviews: Not much, but still...| Kama, Maybelline, pH Care, Lakme

A progress is progress no matter how little that is. Recently, I shifted my house again and every time I move, I realize that I have tons of stuff which does make me feel quite guilty. Even if I am not able to use up all my makeup, at least, I should be able to use up the hair and skincare regularly, especially, since most of the stuff I possess work for me.

beauty declutter
Feels good. Huh?

Here is the quick review and by that I mean, the quickest reviews!

Lakme 9 to 5 lipstick in Mauve Paced: It's one of the most beautiful nude colours I have ever owned. But, being a beauty-blogger, I used to be so inundated by newer products, that I did not get
the chance to utilize this one as much as I would have loved to. And now that it started smelling funky, I did not want to hold on to it anymore. I should have given it away to friends or family. It is a perfect grey-toned pinkish colour which worked beautifully for me.

Kama Ayurveda Kumkumadi Facial Scrub: Travel size product samples from Kama Ayurveda is just a blessing for me. Time when my face was a mess ( they alliterate!), it obviously didn't work. But now that my skin is doing better, I am able to fully reap the benefits.
It is not one of those scrubs where granular beads are sparse or too harsh. It has enough granules to give a good exfoliation as well as the granules are smooth enough not to scratch the skin. I am overall, extremely impressed with Kama Ayurveda Kumkumadi Facial Scrub.

beauty empties
the trash

Maybelline Micellar Water: I haven't used many micellar waters, except from the one from Avene. Even though this one is meant for only light non-waterproof makeup, I am happy. But, I may want to try other brands.

PH Care Naturals Intimate wash: It was a decent product. Good for the hot sweaty days.

project empties
project pan

Watsons lavendar Body Scrub: The one which came in generic gift sets. But, I love these sets from Watsons Ph.

Lakme Nail Polish: I threw away the bottle I think. What you see inside is nail polish remover. I don't know why I was trying to clean up the bottle.

Puriti Hotel shampoo and conditioner: These my hubby got during his stay at Ascot's Melbourne. I use these mostly during travels and honestly, these seems impressive.

So, that's it for now. I have used up some more stuff which I would show shortly again.

Until then,


  1. Watsons lavendar Body Scrub packaging is too cute....


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