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Compact powders I am using and I will use | Oriflame, L'Oreal, Eb Advance

Shop my stash November 2017| Compact powders for brown skin

Here I am again with a post to show you the compacts I intend to use up and the compacts I intend to use up after that! LOL. In short, the compact powders I am going to be using up.

compact powders
In my vanity now

Somehow, most of them had ended up in doubles in my stash.

Eb Advance two way foundation cake
Yes, the colours are so different from each other

 And even though I have total of 7 in my collection, the weirdest part is that I rarely use compacts, specially on the go. Mostly because, I don't like putting on makeup on my unwashed face and also because I don't want to upset whatever little cheek products I am using.

L'Oreal Paris Matt Magique
The second lot I have to use up

Here goes my list,

Oriflame pressed comptact powders Illuskin
everything in one go

Eb Advance Two Way Cake Foundation in Oriental: This is a local brand in the Philippines, but I am impressed by the finish and the velvety texture. The best part is that, I wouldn't relent the fact that we throw away the good cases. Refills are available everywhere.

L'Oreal Infallible Compact powders
More and more

L'Oreal Paris Infallible Powder: My only gripe with these powders are that the shades I have are too dark and orangey for my skin.

Oriflame Illuskin Compact powders: The powders are beautiful! Even though they are very light, they somehow brighten up my skin without any ghostly effect.

L'Oreal Matt Magique: I have had it for a year unopened. Yes, that's precisely why I feel guilty about having a huge stash.

My stash may be small in comparison to most beauty bloggers. But for me who detests wastage, it makes me uncomfotable these days. Even though I do indulge in occasional purchases, I am staying clear of at least hoarding the same

category of base makeup.

So, that's how it is now. Catch you guys later.