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Lakme Mauve Paced Photos and RIP! Perfect nude lip colour doesn't exis...

It has happened to me this time that I loved something so much, yet did not have time to show sufficient love to make the most of it. Yeah. That's the case with my Lakme 9to5 Lipstick in Mauve Paced. I had received it a long time back, but back then, I did not have much love for nudes. Yet, I could not miss how beautifully this one worked for me. Most if you would know that I moved

Lakme Mauve Paced
Lakme Mauve Paced: How do you like it?

not just cities, but countries and then again, this time I changed my apartment. Definitely I could not have moved all my makeup from India to the Philippines in one go. But, by the time I did and when I reached for this lipstick, it was already smelling funky.

As I write this, I recall, Lakme 9 to 5, at least the two ( Oak Table and Mauce paced) which came together, both smelled kind of funky and this time the smell felt to much stronger that I had to wipe it off and discarded it. Better to be on the safer side, right?

Lakme Mauve Paced Swatches
Lakme Mauve Paced

But before I threw it away, I took some photos in case you fancy a colour like this.M3 Mauve Paced is a beautiful mix of muted pink and mauve resulting in a cool toned, rather mauvish-greyish nude colour which I am sure is going to look great on a lot of skin colours.

For me, since I am trying to utilize my stash, I would rather shop my stash at this point for lipsticks. But, for thoise of you out these looking for something like this, I would highly recommend that you check out this one.

Price: Rs 450 only ( if you look around, you might snag in a good discount).