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L'Oreal Paris True Match Le Crayon Correcteur 30 Beige + Stories

Those with dark circles and blemished skin would know the everyday struggle with a concealer. Moreover, if you are in India, the struggle gets real as the brands, instead of giving a good match, pushes the lighter, far-from-matching tones and SAs try to undermine your confidence by claiming you are not fair enough and they have perfect base products to make you 'fairer'. Oh dear!  The process of finding a good base product actually makes me very uncomfortable.

L'Oreal Paris True Match Le Crayon Correcteur 30 Beige
L'Oreal Paris True Match Le Crayon Correcteur 30 Beige

( I remember at South City Pantaloons, the SA at Maybelline counter was confidently explaining, " why do we use foundations? We all want to look fair and this foundation would make your look fair',
to which I casually replied, " No, I wear a foundation to even out my skin and I never want to get fair". Yes, it kind of becomes a tassle! )

Anyway, coming back to the point, I had got this Perfect match Concealer Stick from L'Oreal Paris thinking it would be the perfect match for me.

Price: MRP 825  INR for 2 grams

My Experience of L'Oreal True Match Concealer Stick:

Turns out I have a love-hate relationship with this concealer. The SA had given me a white foundation which in no way would have matched my skin tone and I couldn't make out the shade in the over-bright light and along with the foundation, I got this concealer stick.

L'Oreal Paris True Match Le Crayon Correcteur 30 Beige
L'Oreal Paris True Match Le Crayon Correcteur 30 Beige

The shade Beige, I would say, has a light note of peach to it which cancels out the darkness to a good extent. But, since it is a stick concealer, I would prefer something even creamier.

The reason I said I have love-hate relationship is because the recent frequent beach vacations and dip in out swimming pool turned me at least three shades darker and everything between. So, finding a good base is difficult for me.

L'Oreal Paris True Match Le Crayon Correcteur 30 Beige swatch
L'Oreal Paris True Match Le Crayon Correcteur 30 Beige Swatch

All these being explained, how do I really like the concealer?

There were two shades available at the time I bought. The third one is way too dark for me. The product feels lightweight, is pigmented enough for covering medium under eye darkness. I prefer it especially for the inner side which is the darkest.  In my opinion blending this one with fingers is the best as the warmth from my fingers make it easier to blend. Sometimes, I have also used it on my face and it works well.

It evens out nicely and doesn't accentuate fine lines. It does however crease a little, but that's because of my eye structure. Once set with a little powder, it stays in place.

I also use this on my face and it does a decent job of  fading the blemishes without looking tacky.

I have been using it a lot and before I realized, the concealer ran out.  This one works for me only when my tan in lesser, otherwise, cannot imagine putting this on. It's neither too warm, not too cool and as I mentioned above, slightly peachy which works well under the eyes. Even though it's not my absolute favourite, the fact that I used up the complete stick without realizing makes me think may be it's not as bad as I thought it is. But the fact that it is not the perfect match for me and that there are not lots of shade options doesn't impress. The price is not particularly helping either.

So, here is my take on L'Oreal True Match Le Crayon Correcteur in Beige.

What's your current favourite concealer? Please share so that I can find a good one for myself. Until then,



  1. I haven't jumped on the concealer band wagon yet, I might need to soon.


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