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Lakme Absolute Sun-kissed Bronzer

If I have to tell you about my latest makeup phase, it has to be natural, barely there, clean, yet fresh faced look. And contours and bronzers have become an integral part of it. As I am shopping my stash, I reached for the Lakme Absolute Sunkissed Bronzer.

Price: 750 INR ( Not sure if this was a limited edition)

My Experience:

Initially, I did not give this bronzer much of a thought mostly because I wasn't sure how to make this
work. It is very pigmented and warm. Eventually, I got round it and apart from my Essence Mosaic Powder, on days when I want to glow a little, I am reaching for this baby.

On first look, what I missed is that it actually has two colours -- a light warm and a deeper reddish warm. with the patterns on top and the very slight difference in colour, it is easy to miss the colour difference.

I have tried using this bronzer as a bronzer, but on me it is too much of colour -- even when I am tan. So, I ended up using it as a blush and it looks gorgeous! Even as a blush, I have to use it sparingly since it is extremely pigmented.

The powder is very soft and does not kick up too much of powder. There is very finely milled shimmer which add a beautiful sheen and that looks lovely. I enjoy that at least.

Verdict: Lakme Absulute SunKissed Bronzer is an absolutely gorgeous product. I use it more as a blush than a bronzer and sometimes, to warm up my face.

Do I love it? Yes, I do.

Do I recommend it? I think it was a limited edition product. If it is still available, yes. But note that I mostly use it as a blush.

Have you used Lakme Absolute Sun-Kissed Bronzer? Do you use bronzers?

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  1. This is a great bronzer for that gorgeous summery glow.


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