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Decluttering and cleaning like decluttering my life| Save money and spend in meaningful way

Marie Kondo is making a splash and incidentally I have been watching a lot of YouTube videos about minimalism, financial managements as in how to nip and tuck here and there to save something more and of course minimal makeup.

We are a family of two (yet). But, one day I realized, everywhere I look, there is a jar or bottle sitting. Most of my cabinets are almost tumbling with stuff and honestly, I feel so cluttered.  
One of my many bathroom shelves

Then I thought, do I really need to hoard all that stuff? I mean, an 87 lipsticks is not really needed for a pair of lips. True, as a beauty-blogger, I have been lucky enough to have received a lot from brands. But, do I really need that many? Besides, I keep buying stuff as well. If you are in the Philippines where makeup is cheap and there are wonderful offers going on year round, you would automatically suck up and start buying. I have been on buying sprees as well. It is very hard to resist.

Another shelf

But, I decided to get my life in order by controlling my anxiety, getting better health-wise, eating healthier, not stressing ( very difficult my friends), staying away from negative people ( you know the vampiric ones who drain energy out), replying back ( most of the times, in order to avoid confrontation or just out of politeness I wouldn't say anything which some mistake for weakness and that does not help much I discover). Anyway, back on track, I am not going to torture myself with a complete no-purchase resolution,but I decided to get in order. Like, I don't need 7-8 compact powders, so, I am trying to use up and not add to the list.

Just a corner

How was I not achieving the goal? Right after I would finish something, I was rewarding myself with another product which turned out into another few products. So, by the math, you can say, it was not really helpful.

A storage drawer

So, what would I do henceforth? While I wouldn't completely stop buying skincare and all ( that's necessary),

  1. I am ruthlessly throwing away expired products I would never use.
  2. Shopping my stash ( remember the YoutTube trend where you delve into things you have and go through them again?)
  3. Asking myself before buying a skin or hair care product if I have anything like that in my collection and if I really NEED it?
  4. Trying not to buy makeup. In fact, these days, most of the shades of lipsticks I see in the stores are already there in my stash.
  5. Monitor what I buy in a month. Treating myself less with small kicks. I am seriously considering noting down what I purchase each month which might help.
  6. Start a project pan and shop my stash which would be fun I believe.
So, here goes the new kind of posts ( or may be not), but expect to see me more often.

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  1. Hi.Its nice to see this post.....i completely agree with you about decluttering and organizing one's life .I am also trying to convert myself towards minimalism,although i am nowhere near the goal.Still i am better than what i was last year.wishing you luck and lots of love.....

    1. Looks like we are on the same team. Even I want to declutter and organize, but things always seem to go haywire! This year, I decided to be less greedy and spend more menaingfully or even better, may be save. :D


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