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Etude House Oh My Eye Line

Etude House Oh My Eye Line review

I have mentioned before than I am more comfortable with brush-type eye liners. Yeah, I don't like the sketch-pen type or the felt tip ones since I tend to poke my eyes. But finding a brush type eye-liner in the Philippines was difficult. Moreover, I was particularly looking for non-waterproof, washable type which comes as a shocker to most people. Ever since my eyes got sensitive, the lesser I have to struggle with removal of eye makeup, the better it is. Moreover, I have noticed, I tend to get lesser lash-fall that way. Long story short, after looking high and low, I got this Oh My Eye Liner from Etude House.
Etude House Oh My Eye Line review
Etude House Oh My Eye Line

Price:  298 PHP

While I was in India, I heard a lot about Etude House. Etude House is easily available everywhere in Manila. So, In the beginning, I was pretty pumped. Then, I am the kind who is happy with Lakme
Eyeliner or even Elle 18 does the job for me. So, the price was definitely a shocker.

Etude House Oh My Eye Line brush
I am almost out of it

However, the Oh my Eye  liner in itself is not bad. It is water-resistant. Once applied it forms that acrylic kind of texture which doesn't melt in water, but comes off on rubbing or washing with face-wash.

The brush is very convenient. It is firm and flexible at the same time giving good control.

Etude House Oh My Eye Line Swatch
Etude House Oh My Eye Line Swatch| The brush usually gives a more precise applications, but there is almost no more product left. So, had to go over a few times

The colour of the eye liner is intense black and I am not complaining. I have had pretty good use out of it and I think now is the time to let it go since I noticed over the last few applications, I am having slight burning sensation which is not good. 😐

For me, I would still keep going back to my dear Lakme Liner on every chance I get. If I have to discard my liners every 5-6 months, it would be still cost effective. And I am partial towards washable eye makeups.

Do I think Oh my Eye Liner is good? Yes, of course. It is a good one. Only, I am more inclined towards bad ones. LOL.

Do I recommend? If you want an easy-to-wash-off but water resistant eye liner, Oh My Eye Line is a good choice. But it is on the expensive side given in India we have so many options.