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Where was I missing? Life and some updates Part 1

It has been almost a year since I last posted. The funniest part was that I still have tons of posts with photos ready for uploading. What made me lose my blogging-mojo? Well, not everything is bad. Life happens and it often takes unexpected turns.

First and foremost, I got married and moved to the Philippines for now. I am blessed with wonderful in-laws and everything was going beautifully until suddenly I lost my father-in-law to whom I was very close ( yes, I used to be pampered and pandered and have known him for a long time since my husband and I have known each other from our school days).

Moving to a new country altogether, from living with family where I did not have to worry about domestic chores was initially difficult. Both of us were new to this. I never cooked, or cleaned moreover, I was extremely sick from a year before my wedding. Lack of rest, high strung nature added to anxiety have taken a humongous toll on my health which is kind of wrecked now.

Manila climate is erratic. Even though this is a tropical country too, the topographical structure brings in more and more viral diseases. Right now I am on my 4th week of flu with severe congestion and this is a second relapse.

My interest has diversified. I wouldn't say I am not fond of makeup. I am still passionate about that. But, I have found other interests like cooking ( as much as I can manage with limited resources here and my chronically cramped muscles) and of course travelling. I try exercising intermittently.

That being said, I am trying to make some major lifestyle changes like eating healthier ( does not necessarily focusing on weight-loss though).

If you are interested about travels here in the Philippines, I can write or post. If you want to learn about my learning curve in cooking ( I cook almost everything under the sun now), I can share some. In short, I feel I have incorporated more than what I had.

There are some more stuff I think I need to share. Keep and eye on this space. Will come back this time really soon.