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How I have been transforming my hair for better Part 1 : Real life

Strengthening hair from within diet, lifestyle, habits, supplements, haircare, etc

Since my childhood, I wasn't exactly known for being a Rapunzel. My sister had acquired the good genes though. My hair has always been dry, brittle and the scalp oily with fine sticky dandruff... in short, everything disgusting.

Because of my situation of health ( which I have shared earlier in 2015 and some time later and intend to update if there is anything that you can benefit from), I have been trying to make some major changes in lifestyle. My anxiety issue have been out of bounds which has been giving me lots of muscle spasms to the extent that the spine started tilting in one angle. However, to keep things in check, I have been fine tuning my habits.

Exercise: Even if it is a hectic day, I tend to exercise. Now, I am the person who would get bored easily. So, I mix and turn everything. If the weather is conducive, I would swim while on other days
I would go to the gym and do lots of stretching often accompanied by some cardio, or go for long brisk walks. On days I run errands, I would try walking to the stores.

The key is moderation. I don't want to overwork and injure myself. If I haven't exercised in a few days, I would skip cardio in a few sessions and gradually work it up.

How has exercise benefited me? The feel-good hormones released during a work out, tend to relax. The sweat on the scalp I feel loosens the dead cells etc. So, a bath afterward cleanses the scalp like no other.

My extra: I don't mind looking 'chipku' since my workout time is my exclusive time when I really don't care about anything else ( or try not to care). I would give my scalp an oil massage before and after the workout, shampoo my hair. Everything feels soft and clean.

Also, not all the exercises or routines are for everyone. Read and start with light low-impact ones figuring out what works for you and your conditions. It's a long process. Even I needed quite sometime before being able to figure out what works for me.

Vitamin Supplements: I take vitamin supplements intermittently. Mine contain biotin which is good. But, I keep consulting a doctor every now and then. Don't take anything without consulting your physician.

I know the diet should provide everything, but let's confess, not everyone is always able to figure it out. Even I used to eat a lot of junk (lack of cooking skills, problems of sourcing stuff, being sick all the time, an all). But recently I made some major changes. Let's get to that in the part 2 of this post. I guess you would find it intriguing and may be a little helpful?

This is not an expert's advice. I am talking about things that I think I personally benefit from . So, if you think you want to do something, please, use your discretion.