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Chit Chat: How much is too much?| Shopping, beauty trends, hauls, buying, thoughts| Consumerism

Over the last one year or so, blogging has hit rock bottom. As I had discussed earlier, people evolve and life happens and often takes different course. It happened to me too. Dealing with anxiety and all is quite debilitating. Moreover, even I have peaked with beauty-stuff I think.

That's only about 20% of my makeup clutter

Don't get me wrong. I enjoy putting on makeup and I do that more than ever. But, earlier I used to buy in erm... bulk and now I am over that. Last year, when I was trying to arrange my stuff in our apartment, I realized, more than my clothes, my beauty products took up most space. A huge three drawer Megabox is just filled with cosmetics, boxes and boxes of makeup are stacked and tons of lipsticks I spent my hard-earned money on which have never been used are going off.

Wastage is wastage:

 It saddens me but more than that, now that I have become a little more mature, it feels wasteful. I
mean, I was always able to manage my money well, no matter if I did not have a steady job or something, which kept me safe from not having sufficient, but wastage is wastage.

That's how unroganized I am. Don't judge me please.

Money wasted is money not saved:

Now that I am throwing away unused makeup which I purchased with so much of love only to use once or twice or what more, never, is simply heart-breaking. If I am to add up the cost, it does make a substantial amount over a year. That amount may not mean much to a lot of you, but I see that as money ending up in landfills-- the money I could have saved or simply spent on things like vacation, day out or investment.
Few Lipsticks which I have been especially loving

Tired of excess:

Earlier I used to be fond of Beauty Reviews on YouTube. Loved the PR box unpacking, hauls, beauty-tutorials which alters every feature I may have. Yes, it's a huge skill, but do I need that?

Recently, I have become part of beauty communities on Facebook. I saw women spending on 6 eyeshadow palettes on average worth perhaps 2500 INR or about $35 each. How much of that is going to be used? From my experience it would perhaps take 3 years to hit a pan on one shadow. Perhaps there would be only one palette the person would reach out for and in the mean time, in the next 1 years she would be spending another exorbitant amount like that and on social media everyone would be cheering her.

Our contribution in that person's happiness would be a 'like'. or 'reaction' or a comment. The virtual happiness would last for someone for a few days and after that the person would look for another high through another haul and this would go in cycles.

I am not criticizing someone for spending her money, but simply pointing to the fact that this constant trend of owning or wanting everything we see can end up in expenditures of no consequence, At least that's how I see it. The Youtubers who are reviewing stuff are NOT to be blamed. It is their livelihood to review. Brands are sending the products for free and even if the reviewers are buying the products, it is investment for them as it ends up attracting or retaining the audience generating sponsorship.

We are trying to earn our bragging rights on social media and finding happiness through validation of others without actually having an end goal but the brunt is on us as individuals as we get sucked in.

So, what am I watching?

For me, it started with 'Shop my Stash' trend where one revisits the products they already have and then uses them more frequently at least for sometime. I did not do a shop my stash purposefully but well, looks like I somehow tend to fall in trend.  Then I moved on to panning to use my products consistently.

I was still not satisfied with the clutter and yet, of course I can not just throw away stuff which would be as wasteful. I started watching videos on money -management, financial advice, minimalism and its effects, zero-waste life-style. I feel extreme minimalistic lifestyle may not be a sustainable option for me, but a softer approach to minimalism and zero-waste can be.

Then I came across this YouTuber called Whitney Hedrick who seems to be resonating exactly with what I felt.

No-buy project?

Some recent buys

Well, that's not happening completely yet. I still buy a lipstick or two some times, but usually there is no impulse buy. Here in Philippines, MAC Cosmetics was offering BOGO offer on lipsticks, I did not pass it. Used the offer. But, in the next 4 months, I have decided not to purchase any lip products at all.
I am also trying to use up the hair and skincare products as much as I can without buying much. Most of my older stuff are gone by now. Whatever is expired, have already cleared out. Will be decluttering again.

2-3 lip products are almost finished. Compact powders are being used up fast. Thanks to the fact that I prefer minimal base makeup, foundations have come down to 3, 2 of which I mix for my own shade. The 3rd is almost half way down.

Hopefully by the end of this year, I should be able to make a dent in my stash.

Overall, I find myself spending lesser on beauty stuff than before. In stead, I am able to contribute to out frequent vacations which is more fulfilling and more enriching.


  1. This is really an eye-opener. I do not know if I myself would be able to follow this path, but atleast I am trying. I have to! Parting away with barely used products is like money flowing down the drain, and this needs to be stopped.


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