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Himalaya Neem Peel off Face Mask

In my ancient review of Himalaya Almond Cucumber Face Mask, I had dreaded it. Then came the orange Peel off mask ( which I just recalled I haven't used in ages) and now I am back with Neem Peel off Mask.

Lately, I have really gotten way too lazy... feels I really need to shake it off because it is becoming a regular pattern and have been making excuses in putting things off for another time or being neglectful of my skincare. All that scrubbing, masking, etc had gone out of the window for sometime. A couple of days ago, I noticed how my skin has been taking the toll and that I needed a good
exfoliation. I had time and I used the last little of what is left in the Neem peel off mask.

On seeing the extension of the Neem range, I got very excited.

What I think about Himalaya Neem Peel off Mask:

It smells slightly of neem and has a strong feel of alcohol content which I don't mind. I have used the heck out of this mask and now the container you see is empty.

With the spirit of keeping the reviews short and sweet, let me just round off. It dries fast or it may the weather. But most importantly, it did not hurt my face and once removed, I could clearly see a difference. By the way, I also steam my face before putting on a mask and this was no exception because I feel steaming further softens the dead skin and aids an effective removal.

I cannot complain about the price and for that, I feel I got something very good.

Shall I repurchase? Oh yes. Definitely.

What is your favourite peel off face mask? Since I am veering towards those, your suggestion would be extremely helpful.

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