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Quarantine Special Beauty Talks, & etc.| What I learned about my beauty habits and spending more mindfully

Over the past few years, I have been decluttering by consuming my own stock. I had tried to post the empties regularly or shopping my stash featuring makeup and beauty products in monthly favorites. I have been advising here to be more mindful on expenditure on beauty and warning against getting sucked up by all the flauntings on social media with people buying this and buying that.

But, I have not completely stopped buying either. An occasional lipstick or that perfect shadow here and there. Moreover, of course I buy shampoo, conditioners and hygiene products. I am spending mindfully, not planning to get dirty, right?

Here in Manila  it has been more than three months ( till July, now it's more than 6 months) that we are under the lock down. Initially, I had thought I would still dress up at home, put on makeup and so on. The reality is, it's so hot and between chores and health, I try resting and makeup at that point is not a good idea... I don't feel comfortable at least.

So, what did I spend on during the quarantine?

There is no question of spending on makeup. But I did shop online and from the nearby drugstore for essentials or things I really needed. There is usually a good deal at MAC Cosmetics Ph around July end. Surely, I would get a lipstick then. ( This was drafted in July. I DID buy the lipsticks from MacCosmetics).

Shampoo and hair Mask:  I stocked on two huge bottles of Palmolive shampoo one of which I got before the lockdown and the other on a good sale online. 

Sweating is something which cannot be avoided in this heat. And I like keeping my scalp clean, so frequent shampoo and conditioning is a must have for me.

Body Wash and Soaps: Before the lockdown, I got a huge bottle of body wash and a small one and a few soap bars. In all honesty, haven't touched the bigger bottle yet and managed to finish only 2 bars. I am in no hurry, but earlier, I never noticed how many body washes or soap bars I use. Now I know. 

I am also planning to ditch body washes in favour of soap bars which would help lessen plastic use.

Body Lotion: My body skin is dry AF! I have to really slather on lotions and when that doesn't work, out comes my own magic balms I made out of oils and waxes and butters. They perform wonderfully. but needs to be massages into the skin.

What did I get rid of?

I stored the discarded and used up products. But, recently, I am again on a spree of decluttering the house. Of course I won't throw away stuff that can be still used, but, I am no longer 'saving a lipstick' or holding on to a cute bottle. ( Occasionally I did that). And, after storing the trash for a month, I keep throwing them away. ( It has a purpose though. Sometimes, these get sorted at the sorting area and are segregated as I heard. So, segregating or discarding in one go would have better chance of recycling. I also clean out the bottles before discarding).

I had to throw away quite a few barely used lipsticks and glosses because they smelled off. Finished shampoo and conditioners, lots of hotel toiletries which accumulated from our frequent travels.

The take away from this lock down:

I REALLY do not need all that makeup. I have veered toward less is more and is enjoying the effortless glamorous vibe it imparts and that finally feels like ME! A touch here and a touch there with a bright lipstick is enough to give that fresh and breathable look.

I need just a bottle of body wash or soaps, shampoo and hair mask but no conditioner as my hair is too dry, some styling or protectants for blow drying, deos ( I don't have much body odor either) and that's it.

Hopefully, by next year, my stash would get smaller and our home would breathe more freely!

What is your beauty or lifestyle take-away from this lock down? What did you spend on and did NOT spend on? I would be very curious to know. Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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