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Dermaction Plus Advanced Solar Barrier SPF 50+ PA +++ by Watsons

 When I had first Moved to the Philippines, my first beauty challenge was finding a decent high spectrum sunscreen at a decent price which would be easily available too. Not knowing what to get and seeing limited choices on the shelves, I resorted to getting things back from home. But, recently, it seems, the game has changed as I find more and more sunscreens on the drugstore shelves and more and more brands are expanding their range to tailor individual needs.

    Right on the day before the lockdown, we had gone out to get some essential items. No, we do not hoard, but got a back up or two for items we heavily use. I needed a new sunscreen and my skin was breaking out a lot. I have noticed that wearing sunscreens all the time do help. I recalled that and started wearing sunscreens at all hours of the day. On my quick scouting, located this huge 150 ml bottle of Dermaction Plus on the shelf. Everything on it sounded perfect only that it was not a known brand but comes from Watsons'. I am not really brand-sensitive. The ingredients looked good and I am not allergic to any of it. It provides full protection. So, what more can I ask?

How long did I use it?

     Believe it or not, I used it for almost 5 months straight! Yes! No other sunscreen but this one, every day, during day time and eventually, even after sundown slathered generously on my face and neck and chest. 

My experience: What I liked and loved?

     I was delighted that it did not break out. It has ZnO which is a natural sun barrier and calms down the skin. It felt good on the skin, left no white cast and would lightly moisturize too. Eventually, on recalling the screen-exposure, started wearing it in the evening too and started noticing the difference. My skin started looking visibly clearer and the skin troubles have subsided to a large extent.

150 ml for 499 PHP is a lot of product and you can tell given how long I have used it and I have completely used up the whole bottle before this review.

The downside: 

    We were out for errands and as usual I wasn't wearing much makeup. It was just some compact powder patted on to mattify the shine. I was sweating from all of my pores and my husband suddenly remarked, " There are white streaks on your face".

    Yes, the sunscreen was melting in white streaks and it wasn't a pretty sight! I have accepted the fact that everything will melt in our tropical heat. But not this way. Even the sweat-proof ones do melt, but not the way this one does. The product doesn't claim to be sweat-proof either. So, can't blame it.

Final verdict: This is a very good sunscreen. Moreover, it is value for money and soothes the skin. Perfect for everyday if you are staying indoors. Availability can be an issue as Wastsons is there only in Asian countries. But if you are already located in any of these countries and want a decent sunscreen for everyday use at home, I would say, " Go with this".

Shall I repurchase? I would definitely for use at home.

Hope this review helps. Until next one,



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