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Quarantine Beauty Tales Vol 2: How I am Finally Depleting my Stock;Eyeing, No Buying Resolution BUT...

 I had been on beauty journey for sometime now. Been trying to declutter and deplete my stock over a long-long time. Yet, somehow, makeup and mostly skincare these days seem to make way in the stash. Earlier I had talked about how I started making note of my daily grooming and skincare habits and how that has affected my patterns. Now, I feel, I am finally on the verge of making a slight difference.

Yes, I did use up all that! Hope to hit pan on the blushes some day too

The challenge? Earlier, in the Philippines I did not find the drugstore products of my liking. So, I

bought a lot from India as backup which sat around and started expiring.

All of these do work damn well!

Recently brands are dropping excellent skincare products left and right and I want them! They make me want to ditch whatever I had earlier and go fresh and new. From AHA/BHA to Vitamin C or Retinol, things are getting awesome! 

How I get over those

Asking myself honestly:

But, every time I go to the store and 'almost' buy something, I ask myself, " Hmm... this is an awesome moisturizer, but when will I use it? Morning, day, night? What am I currently using? How long is that one going to last? Do I have something lined up after that?" That question is enough. Same goes for makeup even though I haven't made a significant dent, from 6-7 mascaras, I am currently down to 1 and I need a new one, probably today.


If you are a beauty addict with almost nowhere to wear your hoard of makeup, you are probably holding on to makeup from pre-historic days. I know I am. Eyeshadow palettes I never used but always lovingly look at. Lipsticks I bought with love but never wore because I had too many more. Well, while I wouldn't throw away unless there is a change of texture or anything off, plenty of stuff are old, I can't bring myself to use and I am ruthlessly discarding.

Started smelling funky. So, bye bye.

Wear them at home:

You know that lip gloss you have that moisturizes so well? I have a few that replaces lip balms and truly they now do. I use them at home. I have even managed to use up a couple of those. Phew!

Used up the Oriflame Lip Gloss. Essence is in line.

Smother or wear them down with love:

I got hold of a few products that gives me a natural casual look. I gathered them and put them on the dresser to pay more attention and they are indeed wearing down too fast. One of my blushes ( I love) from Everbilena brand has been on my use-up list for a ling time. At last it is on it's last leg. As is the compact powder from the same brand which I love. The Bench Eyeshadow Stick is awesome, but it is irritating my sensitive eyes these days. Will give it a couple of more shots to be sure and bin it.

Had 3 sunscreens. Used up the Dermaction by Watsons and reviewed it here. Fresh brand Sunscreen is almost on its last leg and I have an Esfolio Sunscreen which I love. BUT, not buying until I reach the Esfolio. I have my eyes on 1 or 2 sunscreens, but no, not buying.

So, that's how I am doing it. What's your quarantine tale?


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