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Cetaphil Night Cream with Hyaluronic Acid

From early on in my life, I started using night creams. I knew my lifestyle was far from being perfect or healthy and since change wasn't possible at that point, had to do the least. I don't know if paying attention to skincare helped. But for some reason ( to be revealed soon), couldn't exercise with cardio which had actually cleared up my skin and got it glowing. 
Back to the track, the options for night creams here in the Philippines isn't numerous at the drugstores. Neither are most that fit my bill. However, when I ordered to ginormous sized Cetaphil skin cream and Cetaphil Lotion, I received 2 pots of Night Creams free. Who can pass that?

Cetaphil Night Cream Review
Cetaphil Rich Night Cream

The Night cream is meant for normal to dry skin. I have oily-combination which changes even with minor changes in the weather. Since this is non-comedogenic, decided to go ahead. Besides, I love hyaluronic acids on my skin. I find it so moisturizing and nourishing and the best part is my skin does well.

Texture-wise the cream is very soft and lotiony-oily. It is indeed very rich but if you rub between your palms, it kind of melts further and massaging on the face is like a dream. I used it regularly on my neck and chest.
Now, I am NOT old. Some fine lines etc. are only natural unless you go plastic. We have been to the sea-side and I was heavily tanned. But, this time, I would even use the cream in the afternoon for maximum moisturization.
This time, my skin healed much faster. Way better than I was expecting. 

As an everyday night cream, in the morning, my skin usually looks plump and refreshed and not tired or dull. That is something I have actually noticed. 

48 grams last me about 3 months since one doesn't need a huge amount.
Besides, I like the no-nonsense pot-type packaging since I love scooping out the last bit of the cream and often reuse the pots like transfer a cream from a bigger container to a smaller for travel or hygiene purposes or transfer the contents of a sachet preventing oxidation, etc.

Overall, I really like the Cetaphil Moisturizing Night Cream and it works even on my now slightly oily skin. It is non-comedogenic and indeed did not give me any additional acne or pimples.  Did a good job with what a night cream is used to do.

48 grams for around 800 PHP is expensive. But, if you are badly on the look out, this one saves time.

I am satisfied with this one. BUT, my age old Himalaya Night Cream  still steals my heart and I can't wait to go back home and buy some again!


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